Posted in Other | 27-Mar-16 | Source: Globalo News

Bernie Sanders can smile: he still is in race and a tough cookie for Hillary Clinton.

  • Now he won Washington state with 101 delegates, Alaska (16) and Hawaii (25).
  • In Washington state he got 73 percent of the votes (Clinton 27 percent).
  • In Alaska he reached 82 percent (Clinton 18 percent).
  • He won as well Hawaii with 70 percent to Clinton with 30 percent.
  • Bernie Sanders now counts 975 delegates, Hillary Clinton 1,243. When superdelegates, party officials who can support either candidate, are included, Hillary Clinton is ahead by 1,712 to 1,004 to reach 2,383 delegatesVery hard to win for Bernie Sanders –  a mission impossible?
  • Mr Sanders told supporters: “This is what momentum is about. Don’t let anybody tell you we can’t win the nomination or win the general election. We’re going to do both of those things.”
  • His main message still: economic equality and universal health care. “Real change historically always takes place from the bottom on up when millions of people come together. We need a political revolution.”
  • He is a social democratic reformer. Hillary Clinton on the other side is the political professional from Washington DC with an impressive track record as former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.
  • He wants a political revolution, she the same-procedere-like-every year in Washington politics- to continue her work as before.
  • He is older (74) than her (68), looks like a boring employee of an insurance company, but has more inner fire. That makes him credible.
  • She is very, maybe too professional, cool, un-emotional.
  • He is the outsider, America loves in this nomination process. She is the insider.
  • He inspires the young liberal people as an old man with progressive ideas.
  • She mainly the female and as well minorities.