2014 Christmas & Holiday Season and Our Prophets: Let us Promote more Light in the Darkest Corners on our Globe!

Posted in Other | 24-Dec-14 | Source: World Security Network Foundation

Let us all light a big, white Candle of Hope-Love-Tolerance- Peace - Promote more light in the darkest corners on our globe- A better and more peaceful world -Wherever we live- This is the task all our prophets left in all Holy Books for us all (here The Candle by Gerhard Richter from 1988).

Seldom since we started our international and independent World Security Network 12 years ago, have we been confronted with such a mixture of crises, terror attacks, wars and uncertainties like we now know of this Christmas and Holiday season 2014. The shadows of this negativity cover several continents and effect too many of us.

While we now sit together with our friends and families enjoying festivities, good food and gifts, each of us should consider how to promote peace in small steps at home as well as within our countries.

We leave too much room for the minority of extremists.

We are the silent majority: passive, bourgeois and therefore an enabler of war and terror; whether we live in Berlin, Moscow, New  York, Bagdad, Islamabad or elsewhere. The streets to war and terror are paved by the silence of the majorities.

The world belongs to us all as seven billion peaceful human beings - but only if we care and stand up to raise our voices for peace and human rights.

Our global World Security Network- including more than 100 editors and 70 advisors in 34 countries -  has focused on five main issues in 2014:

  • Within our soft but effective ways of peace-making our main project Codes of Tolerance - join our Facebook community The Human Codes of Tolerance - more in  www.codesoftolerance.com -  is promoting tolerance and respect between religions, minorities and ethnicities. This is also our answer to the absurd IS/ISIS and one element of peacemaking in Ukraine. We promote an active tolerance policy in foreign affairs, which as of right now we are missing.

    Within this project we have deeply analyzed and described Islam and the Codes of Tolerance and the peaceful roots of Islam. World Security Network President Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann published his book Codes der Toleranz (Herder Verlag-in German- with an Arabic version soon by Al Arabica Publishing in Cairo).

    To learn more during 2014 we have met and interviewed Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala in Oslo and spoke of her vision of a proper education for all children- see Malala: The Young Nobel Hero -  and two other Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, The Dalai Lama in Frankfurt and Israel President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem. We also joined Pope Francis in the Holy Land with more unknown but important Champions of Tolerance in Israel and Palestine.

These fresh proposals of our World Security Network are only an intellectual splash for now - but with more joining us we could become a stream, river or even an ocean of hope and peace.

It is your responsibility to stand up for peace and tolerance now.

Let us impeach and contain the radicals: Together we are a vast 95 percent versus only a small 5 percent. The good, productive 6.650 billion people should stand up against the rest of the aggressive people whom are full of hate.   

Let us all now put in our own puzzle piece toward the mosaic of peace-making.

Let us do something solid for a more peaceful and improved human world of respect and tolerance.

These are the messages of our prophets from all religions and God, if you reflect upon your Holy Book. Promote more light in the darkest corners on our globe- a better and more peaceful world -wherever we live. This is the main task all our prophets left in all Holy Books for us all. Our prophets told us that it is best to treat others how we would like to be treated and to promote a better world of human values with love and peace.

The World Security Network wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, a peaceful Holiday Season and a good year in 2015!

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