Elected criminals have sucked the blood of the Nepalese people

Posted in Other | 17-May-05 | Author: Khagendra Thapa

Two Nepalese pro-democracy protesters chant in the back of a police truck after being arrested by government riot police in Katmandu, Nepal April 8, 2005.

I am writing about the current developments in Nepal. People of Nepal want justice to be served so that what has happened to our motherland in the last fourteen years will never happen again. The looting of our people and of our nation by these elected criminals is unacceptable and unpardonable. These criminals have no shame, no remorse, and no regret over what they have done to the poor, honest, innocent, and peace loving people of Nepal. These criminals some of whom may be on Indian pay role have one and only goal in life and that is to turn Nepal into another Sikkim. Now it is about time the people and the King unite to fight against foreign agents who claim to be leaders of political parties in Nepal and their idiotic followers. These elected criminals have sucked the blood of the Nepalese people and have stooped so low that even a prostitute has more ethic and moral than these criminals. Their brand of democracy seems to give them the right to loot the nation and her people the way they want. Election to parliament is not a license to loot and involve in activities that undermine our national sovereignty and national integrity. Past evidence clearly shows that political party leaders like Girija will be willing to sell the country if it benefits him and his party in any way. Ideally, a leader must first be loyal to the nation. National interests must come before the interest of the political parties and the personal interest must be the last in priority. However, what we saw in Nepal in the last fourteen years was that the personal financial gain became top priority for every political leader and his/her followers. After that came the interest of the party. The interest of the nation and the people was last in the list. That is exactly the reason why none of them did anything to the people. If elections were held today, all these so called leaders and parties will lose election big time. That is why they are opposed to the general elections. Instead they want to revive the dead parliament.

The people now want a decisive action to be taken against the political parties for the fourteen years of criminal activities. They want the King to act and act quickly. These criminals cannot hide behind the veil of human rights. How about the people whose human rights these self proclaimed politicians have violated? Amnesty International, India, the USA, and the UK have absolutely no right to tell an independent and sovereign nation like Nepal as to how to punish its criminals. Where were these protectors of human rights and promoters of democracy when the political parties were butchering the people and taking food right out of the mouth of babies? Where were you when the same political parties siphoned away all the loaned money and money given to build and improve infrastructure? Where you were when the terrorists killed, looted, and expelled all those who do not subscribe to their brand of democracy? Where were you when the Medieval and barbaric king of Bhutan murdered, tortured, and expelled its citizens? Do you subscribe to different levels of human rights to different peoples? According to the pronouncements of AI, India, USA and UK, it seems that Bhutanese people do not deserve any human rights; poor villagers living in Nepal do not deserve human rights.

However, when it comes to the elites of Kathmandu (less than 4% of total population of Nepal) who consume more than 75% of the resources must enjoy human rights even when the nation is in a state of war. The bottom line is, Nepalese people had enough of your human rights and democracy. Our people first want to see right to life so that they could live. They want right to livelihood. They want right to food, basic health care, and basic education and above all they just want to be left alone so that they can farm their land as they have done so for centuries.

The people want to know how much money each party raised in the last fourteen years. Who donated and how much? How much did each company which bought the factories such as Raghupati Jute Mill from the government donated to the party in power? How was the money spent? How did all the leaders of the political parties and many of their followers managed to collect enormous amount of money? How is it that the elected criminals live a life of luxury when the people are starving and whole families are committing suicide because they did not have any food to eat? The commission set up by His Majesty the King must immediately investigate the excesses of the political parties. How many of these criminals have taken money out of the country and open bank accounts in other countries? Those who have looted the people must be punished immediately before they run away with the loot. They are using the looted money to buy supporters for the so called protest against the King. At the same time, they are busy hiding the looted money. The Nepalese people demand that the punishment must be carried out without any fear or favor.