BIG - Bioethical Implications of Globalisation ProcessesPolicy Paper - No 1 April 2004

Posted in Other | 05-Jul-04 | Author: Emilio Mordini

Conclusions of the International Conference on Ethical Implications of Research into the Prevention of Bioterrorism

This policy paper assesses and analyses key arguments raised during the CONFERENCE ON THE ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON BIOWEAPONS AND PREVENTION OF BIOTERRORISM held in Brussels on 3-4 February 2004, and organised by DG Research, Directorate E "Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food" in the context of an EC funded research project on the "Bioethical Implications of Globalisation" (BIG" co-ordinated by the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship, Rome.

This paper first discusses the political context, then revises some arguments on the ethics of biowarfare, and finally analyses the ethical implications of four highly debated issues: global collaberation against terrorism, response to bioterrorism, dual use technology, and sensitive medical experimentation. It is in the nature of a policy paper that some points are asserted and not thoroughly defended. More substantial argumentation and evidence for the opinions expressed in this text may be found in longer publications which will follow it.

The opinions expressed are those of the author. They do not commit either the European Commission or the Consortium of the BIG Project. They do not yet represent a point of consensus among meeting participants, although they reflect the contents of the debate.

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