WSN Scholarship Program for young men and women of excellence

Posted in Other , United States | 26-Sep-04 | Author: Hubertus Hoffmann

Dmitry Udalov, first WSN Scholar 2004 from Moscow, who works as Editor Russia for WSN, is Assistant at the Department of Economics of the Institute of the US and Canadian Studies and President of the Students Scientific Society. Award of the Government of Moscow for research work in history of World War II and First Prize in District Language Contest.

Dmitry Udalov—a 19-years-old Russian whiz kid from Moscow—was the first World Security Network Foundation Scholar in 2004.

On the invitation of our New York-based Foundation, he visited the Big Apple and the capital city Washington D.C. Have a look at his report in this newsletter on how he enjoyed his first visit to the U.S.!

WSN is a non-profit organization “Networking a Safer World” through the exchange of fresh analysis and information on our website, which receives more than 2 million hits per month. This weekly newsletter is sent to more than 160,000 of the global info-eliteyou are one of them—concentrating on young men and women of excellence all over the world.

We want to counter provincialism in foreign policy—the “include me out mentality—so aptly described by former Pentagon Strategist Fritz Kraemer. He called on us to “look for men and women of excellence to fill key positions in the political, economic, academic, and even religious spheres.”

We have to seek out individuals with character and excellence—guide, help, assist, and encourage them—who will take over special duties for our societies.

We kindly ask you to support our WSN Scholarship Program with a donation sent to our non-profit Foundation (945 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10021, U.S.A.) or join as a “Friend of WSN” now!