Book review: Is There Life After Facebook: Geopolitics of Technology and other Foreign Policy Essays

Posted in Other , Cyber Security | 06-Oct-13 | Source: World Security Network Foundation

"Insightful, compelling and original, this book is an exciting journey through the rocky field of geopolitics. It is also a big-thinking exploration of the least researched aspects of the discipline, which will leave no one indifferent. As the world changes, societies face new challenges they might not be aware of. This book, written by an experienced lawyer and a former career diplomat, cleverly questions how we see the world, and acts as an eye opener."

Dr. Peter Jankowitsch
former Austrian Foreign Minister
Secretary General of the Austro-French Centre

"The presence and future of our globalised, interwoven world has become so difficult to comprehend that many people refrain from even trying to understand it. Most media only scratch the surface of relevant topics. Specialists concentrate on a single issue - be it climate change or energy security - disregarding the interrelations and linkages. There is a huge gap between the daily information avalanche - in a kind of infotainment - and the presentation of the tight web which affiliates, ties and bonds all relevant factors around the globe. It is the merit of Professor Anis Bajrektarevic to fill this gap with excellent analyses brought together in his brilliant book. It is a must read for those who want to get a better understanding of the complex world and who want to contribute to a better and safer world."

Dieter Farwick, Rt. Brig. General of the German Army, Senior Vice President of World Security Network Foundation, author of 5 books on defense studies, close aid to the former German Defense Minister Manfred Woerner, and late NATO Secretary General

"Prof. Bajrektarevic in this work has skilfully blended history, evolutionary-biology, geopolitics, international law and foreign policies, technology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, informatics, astrophysics and cognitive science, and analysis all together with a complex uptake and digestion of the contemporary issues within the world today. He is one of the few that can undertake this complex analysis successfully and this is the hallmark of his fabulously novel perspectives that he is able to put into any subject. If the ‘world is flat’ today, it is mostly in the field of ideas, with the single (over-) dominant narrative. However, Anis’ writings are more than just a counter-narrative. This monograph is a tribute to transdisciplinary thinking the future of intellectual thought in geopolitical discipline of which Bajrektarevic is in the vanguard.

Prof. Anis conveniently uses the metaphor of language to view the world by being reflective, instructive and predictive. Firm and forthcoming in his sharp analysis of international affairs and diplomacy, or of technology in relation to geo-economic, energy security or to liberties and freedoms, he easily walks the edge into the first class political philosophy.  In this way, he is able to explain deep socio-political interlinkages (ranging from en mass wonders like Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton to ancient times of Plato, or from the ‘Matrix’ and ‘Truman Show’ movies to a subtle analysis of security structures in the world politics) at a level of skill, unmatched in the field, and for this reason I consider him one of today’s great thinkers.

To me the very title of his book 'Is there life after Facebook' is a provocative challenge to the reader to think about what is happening. He questions our accepted norms before the cover is opened. Finally, I welcome you to a journey into unexplored and under-elaborated, to the author’s own ‘quantum filed’ of numerous possibilities, and dense web of meanings."

Prof. Murray Hunter, (from the book’s foreword)

You can order the book online via Amazon or Addleton Academic Publishers, NY.