Statement by the Secretary General on the elections in Iraq

Posted in NATO | 01-Feb-05 | Source: NATO

NATO is helping Iraq provide for its own security by training Iraqi personnel.

Today millions of Iraqis demonstrated their determination to participate in building a new, democratic Iraq. These elections should lay the foundation for a brighter future for the country: a future of increasing peace and security, as a full part of the international family of nations. I congratulate those who courageously participated in the democratic process, and condemn those who committed acts of violence in an attempt to derail it.

These elections were a milestone, but there is still a long road ahead. The Iraqi people must build a democracy that meets their needs and their desires. They must also develop, as quickly as possible, the capacity to provide for their own security. The international community must do its full part to help. NATO has already begun, by responding to the Iraqi request to train and equip Iraqi Security forces, and the Alliance will increase that support in the coming months. I am confident that the entire international community will do more to help the new Iraqi government to meet the many challenges it faces as it takes office.