Farah a model for future operations - ISAF Commander

Posted in NATO | 05-Jul-06 | Source: NATO

ISAF Commander, Lieutenant General David Richards, helps to cut the ribbon to officially open a new vehicle maintenance facility in Farah City, accompanied by representatives of the local community.

PRT FARAH, Afghanistan

The Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Lt Gen David Richards, has highlighted Farah Province as a model for future ISAF operations in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the opening of a new maintenance facility for provincial vehicles on the outskirts of Farah City, Lt Gen Richards said improved security in the province was allowing the international community to work with Government agencies to improve the lives of local people.

“Farah is a pilot project for how we want to operate when we take control of the southern provinces at the end of July,” he told guests at the opening ceremony of the facility, built by a local construction company and funded by the international community.

“By providing greater security, we allow the international community and the Government of Afghanistan to get on with the business of reconstruction and development, providing the improvements to health, education, transport infrastructure and employment that the Afghan people need. This is how we shall operate in the South,” he added.

“Working in this way, we hope to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. They would no longer have any need or wish to sympathise with anyone other than the Government because they will see improvements in their living standards.

“As a result, support for the Taleban will decline as the Government of Afghanistan and the international community, working together, begin to improve people’s lives, and many of those, now seeking to oppose change for the better in Afghanistan, will see the error of their ways and come into the reconciliation process.”

Gen Richards’ visit took place during ISAF’s Operation Turtle. As part of the operation, ISAF troops are working closely with ANA and ANP forces to increase security patrols, ensuring that key development projects are able to go ahead unhindered.

Among the work being undertaken in the province are two major road schemes. One links Lash Jaween to Farah and the other will connect Farah to the main ring road. When they are completed, these schemes will vastly improve the transport infrastructure allowing local businesses and farmers to move goods and produce to market more easily.