Letter from President Obama

Posted in NATO | 26-Jan-09 | Source: NATO

US President Barack Obama urged NATO in a letter released Thursday to "renew" its alliance and work together to "face down the perils of this moment of history," including the war in Afghanistan.

To the Secretary General of NATO,
and the Members of the North Atlantic Council

As you gather in Brussels on January 20, 2009, allow me to send my warm wishes to you and to all the men and women of NATO.

Our nations share more than a commitment to our common security – we share a set of common democratic values. That is why the bond that links us together cannot be broken, and why NATO is a unique alliance in the history of the world. Now it falls to us to work together to face down the perils of this moment in history, while seizing its promise.

The lesson of the 21st century is that the security of our nations and our people is shared. We face an extraordinary set of challenges, and must meet them together. That is why we must renew our Alliance, respect every nation’s contribution, and strengthen our capacity to meet the challenges of our young century.

NATO has much to be proud of, but also much work to do -- from helping the people of Afghanistan build a better future, to helping the people of Europe's south and east as they become fully a part of democratic Europe. As we move forward, the United States will remain committed to doing its part to strengthen our common security, and honors the service of the brave men and women of our nations who are serving in harm’s way.

I appreciate the many good wishes that I have received upon my Inauguration from the leaders and the people of NATO nations. As we approach NATO's 60th Anniversary Summit, I look forward to working with all of your nations to renew our democratic community, and to strengthen our vital security Alliance.

With best wishes,

Barack Obama
United States of America