The best possible choice

Posted in NATO , Broader Middle East , Asia | 20-Oct-03 | Author: Dieter Farwick

In August 2003 NATO will take over the command in Kabul. That is urgent step to end the previous six-month change from nation to nation. Only NATO can offer the continuity in command, which is needed in the sensitive environment in Afghanistan. Furthermore, NATO now acts as Alliance after several commitments by selected NATO-nations. It is a great chance for NATO to show that the Alliance is still alive and efficient.

NATO-HQs got a lot of experience in post conflict operations from various commitments in the Balkans. That is especially true with the “Joint Headquarters Centre” in Heidelberg, Germany, which was engaged in IFOR,SFOR and KFOR. 5000 service man and women from 30 nations will be under command and control of JHC, which in the new NATO Command Structure will form the Land Component Command in the Northern Region of NATO as of 2005.

Commander of JHC happens to be the German 3-star general Götz F. Gliemeroth. He is the perfect choice. He can look back to a splendid career in the Bundeswehr. He served as commander from a Mechanised Infantry Battalion, a Mechanised Infantry Brigade, an Armoured Division to the II.(GE/US) Corps. Between those commands he had several appointments in the Ministry of Defence. With his personality and experience he perfectly meets the multi-faceted challenge of his new command – as a soldier, administrator and military diplomat.

The co-operation with American commands in Afghanistan will be based on his firm belief of the necessity of working transatlantic links, which he demonstrated in various partnerships with American forces at all levels of command and with his successful co-operation with the collocated US Army HQ Europe in Heidelberg. That he masters the English language goes without saying. WorlSecurityNetwork will stay in touch with Götz F. Gliemeroth and report about progress under his command.