Amnesty International Chides Jamaican Government

Posted in Latin America | 03-Apr-08 | Source: The New York Times

Amnesty International criticized the Jamaican government for what it called its failure to protect inner-city residents trapped by violence. Fernanda Doz Costa, an Amnesty researcher, said the human rights group called on Jamaican authorities to tackle the underlying causes of the “public security and human rights crisis,” including reforming the judicial system to “improve access to justice.”

She said residents were caught in a “confrontation between criminal gangs, police officers who kill with impunity and authorities who are failing to protect their human rights.” Amnesty said the nation of 2.8 million people had one of the highest rates of violence and police killings in the Americas. There were more than 1,550 murders last year, while 272 citizens were killed by police officers.