Dr. Erakat on the killing of Minister Abu Ein: "We urge the international community to stop Israel's daily crimes against our people"

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 11-Dec-14 | Source: Palestine Liberation Organzation

PLO Executive Committee Member and Chief Palestinian Negotiator Dr. Saeb Erakat condemned in the strongest terms the killing of Minister Ziad Abu Ein by Israeli Occupation Forces. “The killing of the Minister Abu Ein, is another example of Israel’s vicious and arrogant actions committed against the Palestinians”

“Our brother Ziad was killed while marking the International Human Rights day by planting olive trees to symbolize the hope for both peace and justice. This a clear example of how the culture of impunity granted to Israel by the International community permits it to continue in committing crimes against the Palestinian people” said Dr. Erekat. “A few months ago we requested international protection through the United Nations. The international community has the responsibility to protect a defenseless people under prolonged occupation from the crimes of an Israeli government full of settlers and extremists”

This new Israeli attack took place around midday in the Palestinian village of Turmusaya north-east of Ramallah, where Minister Ziad Abu Ein participated in a nonviolent demonstration on the occasion of the international day for Human Rights. The activity included planting olive trees around an area that has long been the target of Israeli settler violence and terror. The illegal settlements of Shilo, Eli and Ma’ale Levona surround the village.

Minister Abu Ein was in charge of the Settlements and Annexation Wall portfolio and a prominent member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council. 

Dr. Erakat added: “The Israel government bares full responsibility for the killing of Minster Abu Ein and the systematic crimes committed against the Palestinian people. This new assassination will have severe consequences. The Palestinian leadership is currently weighing its response”. Dr. Erekat concluded: “The international community must uphold its responsibilities to protect the Palestinian people, stop Israeli crimes and end Israel's prolonged occupation.”