Why "Poor Gazans?"

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 29-Apr-08 | Author: Judith Apter Klinghoffer| Source: History News Network

Palestinian refugees carry food aid from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians in the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip in April 2008.

Because Jimmy Carter's darling Hamas is determined to make them as miserable as possible. Two days ago UNRWA begged:

Adnan Abu Hassna, UNRWA spokesman in Gaza, told reporters that his organization appealed to Palestinian militants to stop targeting the crossings and exert efforts to convince Israel to allow fuel shipments into Gaza to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

"Security at crossing is so important, and there shouldn't be any armed attack in order to enable UNRWA to let fuel and food supplies enter Gaza," said Abu Hassna.

"The current efforts focus on urging Israel to resume fuel shipment and food supplies into the Gaza Strip and in the meantime, getting militant groups' assurance that there will be no attacks on the crossings," said Abu Hassna.

Recently, Gaza militant groups have carried out a series of armed attacks on the Nahal Oz depot, the only terminal to pipe fuel into Gaza, and the crossing of Kerem Shalom used for delivering food supplies.

Soft hearted Israeli turned the other cheek and renewed the shipments. Hamas' response?

Hamas militiamen in the Gaza Strip on Sunday attacked fuel trucks headed toward the Nahal Oz border crossing, forcing them to turn back, sources in the Palestinian Petroleum Authority said.

"Dozens of Hamas militiamen hurled stones and opened fire at the trucks," the sources added. "The trucks were on their way to receive fuel supplied by Israel. The drivers were forced to turn back. Some of them had their windshields smashed." . . .

"Hamas is taking the fuel for it the vehicles of is leaders and security forces," the eyewitnesses said. "Because of Hamas's actions, some hospitals have been forced to stop the work of ambulances and generators." . . .

Hamas has also been exerting pressure on the Gaza Petrol Station Owners Association to close down their businesses so as to aggravate the crisis. Some of the station owners and workers said they were afraid to return to work after receiving death threats from Hamas militiamen and ordinary residents desperate to purchase gas and diesel for their vehicles.

Some Hamas members are getting richer but is there more to it? Sure is:

PA officials in Ramallah said Hamas's measures were aimed at creating a crisis in the Gaza Strip with the hope that the international community would intervene and force Israel to reopen the border crossings.

"As far as we know, there is enough fuel reaching the Gaza Strip," the officials said. "But Hamas's measures are aimed at creating a crisis. Hamas is either stealing or blocking most of the fuel supplies."

They pointed out that last week Hamas dispatched hundreds of its supporters to Nahal Oz to block the fuel supplies from Israel. Hamas claimed that the protest was organized by farmers and fishermen demanding an end to the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The officials also noted that the shortage in fuel supplies has created a high-priced black market for individuals and institutions.

I hope this make the international community and most especially, Jimmy Carter real proud.