Israel: No more Reliance on Miracles

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 07-Mar-08 | Author: Judith Apter Klinghoffer| Source: History News Network

"We were home with the children. There was a strong explosion. The entire house was hit. We just had enough time to take shelter in the safe room. It was a miracle. A great miracle. I cannot believe we got out of it alive."

These are the words of the mother, Elisheva Turgeman. Enough is enough. Miracles are nice but most unreliable. So, for the first time the Israeli security cabinet has reached a formal decision to end completely missile attacks launched from Gaza. Previously, it only strove towards minimalization of the attacks.

What does that mean? Your guess is as good as mine. The truth is that for years Israeli military experts dismissed the barrage of home made, inaccurate rockets and missiles the various Palestinian "rejectionist" groups directed at Israel. They failed to realize their psychological, economic and, hence, strategic importance. Had they realized it, the Israeli de fence industries would have spent the past decade developing effective counter measures. The result? A messy 2006 Lebanon War and ongoing skirmishes with Gaza. Both leading to significant Israeli and Palestinian lose of life.

Much as the international media would like to ignore it, Israel is and has always been the testing grounds for new terrorist strategies. What starts in Israel never ends there. Rocket attacks used to be a daily occurrence in Iraq though they have decreased recently. A few hours ago, "militants" fired rockets on a check point manned by Pakistani soldiers. The US embassy in Athens has been attacked by rockets and the Kuwaiti embassy was threatened with such an attack in Lebanon. This is but the beginning.

What can be done beside hard work on effective counter measures? The international community must not only unite behind Israel's efforts to end the wanton attacks on her civilian population but also work declare it illegal under international law. Just as importantly, the culpability of Iran and Syria must be exposed and their cynical use of the Palestinians in their proxy wars against Israel and the United States highlighted.

Failure to do so is bound to lead to another war. Enough is enough.