PATV uses Microsoft music for new hate video

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 02-Feb-04 | Author: Itamar Marcus| Source: Palestinian Media Watch


Palestinian Authority TV has taken the music of a new popular Microsoft video game, Halo, and incorporated it into its newest hate video. According to Microsoft, Halo is being used by PATV without its permission.

For many years, a mainstay of PATV has been the repeated broadcasting of hate videos for children. Dominant themes have been the portrayal of violence as heroic, death for Allah (Shahada) as a goal for children, and the depiction of Israelis as murderers.

This 1-1/2 minute PATV video, using the Halo soundtrack, shows still pictures of Palestinian children, then superimposes targets on them, as if Israeli soldiers are shooting them one by one.

The Halo hate video has been broadcast hundreds of times since Nov. 30, 2003, as a filler between programs -- as often as six to seven times a day.

[Click here to see parts of the PATV hate video with "Halo" soundtrack]

The following is Microsoft's letter to PMW, stating that PATV is using Microsoft's Halo music without permission:

"Thank you for contacting Microsoft customer service. As a corporation, Microsoft does not maintain any involvement with activities of this nature. We were not aware of any media from the Palestinian Authority nor was permission granted to incorporate the Halo soundtrack as background music.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, you may wish to contact the Microsoft corporate offices by calling 425-882-8080.

Microsoft Customer Service"