Official PA TV: Israel will be destroyed through violence

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 12-Oct-03 | Author: Itamar Marcus| Source: Palestinian Media Watch

While the Palestinian Authority (PA) gives lip service in English to condemning PA terrorism, in Arabic its official TV continues to promote and glorify violence, presenting it this openly last week as the means to destroy of Israel.

PA TV started re-broadcasting a short clip that reaffirms the fundamental PLO- PA message, that the goal and end result of Palestinian violence will be Israel's destruction. In this visually powerful clip, the PA conquest of Israel is depicted by visual symbols accompanied by verbal messages in song.

The Visual depicts three stages.

Stage 1- A heart is dripping blood beneath a formation in the shape of Israel, symbolizing pain, loss or sacrifice because of or linked to Israel's existence.

Stage 2- Arms grasping stones sprout from the land all over Israel, symbolizing violent attacks throughout Israel.

Stage 3- The PA flag appears, covers all of Israel and then rests above Israel, symbolizing the PA conquest of all of Israel.

The words sung while the PA flag hovers over Israel, include:

"Allah Akbar! [Allah is Great] Oh, the young ones,
Shake the earth, raise the stones
You will not be saved, Oh Zionist,
>From the volcano of my county's stones.
You will not be saved, Oh Zionist,
>From the volcano of my county's stones.
You are the target of my eyes"

Click here to see the full video

This video was broadcast twice on PA TV** this week. [Sept. 29-30 2003]

[**PA TV is owned and totally controlled by the Palestinian Authority.]