Iran celebrates by "Hanging" Israel and the US

Posted in Israel / Palestine , Iran , United States | 13-Feb-08 | Author: Judith Apter Klinghoffer| Source: History News Network

If you doubted that Iran is in the midst of a second cultural revolution, just look at the picture of "the public hanging" of Israel and the US:

Kamangir explains: "The text on the puppet reads 'Death to America, Death to Israel'. The resemblance to the recent crane-executions is striking."

Here, too, mobilizing "Revolutionary Guards" and charging foreign conspiracy serves to justify terrorizing the population. As could be expected the conspiracy involves both the big American and small Jewish Satans as represented by McCain and Soros. Watch Iranian Intelligence Ministry Broadcast Encouraging People to Snitch on Spies Features "John McCain" and George Soros Masterminding a Velvet Revolution in Iran from the White House. The 7 minute animated tale was part of a new public service broadcast originated by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry. The broadcast aired February 5, 2008 on Khozestan TV, Iran.

In the grand old tradition of totalitarian states family members are urged to spy on each other:

Manucher's home. His sister and wheelchair-bound mother await his return.

Voice on TV: "Security is a blessing which depends on the vigilance of each and every member of the community..."

Manucher enters.

Sister: "Where were you tonight? Don't you think our mother and I worry about you?"

Manucher: "What, am I, a little kid, that you worry about me?"

Sister snoops in Manoucher's room, finds bag with U.S. currency, pistol, and various papers, and dials 113

Manucher's sister to Intelligence Ministry: "I think he is keeping bad company."

Intelligence agent checks Manucher's background on the computer

Intelligence agent (to commander): "He doesn't have a criminal record. I think he is one of the new young men involved in this."

Commander: "Keep a tail on him all the time."

Manucher is arrested.

Commander (to Manucher): "Thanks to your cooperation, we have managed to prevent a huge disaster. We will take this into consideration when we determine your punishment."

Manucher's sister answers phone at home.

Sister: "Yes?"

Commander: "Hello. I'd like to thank you for the information you gave us. We have talked to the judge presiding over the case, and he said that Manucher would be released soon."

"Each And Every Member of the Brave and Honorable Iranian Nation Must Remain Vigilant"

Voice on TV: "Today, global arrogance [the U.S.] and international Zionism, with the help of their spy and satellite networks, are planning regime changes. In order to achieve this filthy goal, they will not shy away from any conspiracy. Each and every member of the brave and honorable Iranian nation must remain vigilant, and report any suspicious activity to the 113 hotline of the Intelligence Ministry, throughout the country.

"We are the guardians of your information."

But what would motivated young Iranians to betray the Islamic Republic? An American visa, of course!

Three Iranian oppositionists plotting.

1st oppositionist: "Guys, according to the e-mail I got yesterday, we must get started. Besides, the equipment we need has arrived."

2nd oppositionist: "Now it will be easier to pass on the instructions we get from satellite TV."

3rd oppositionist, named Manucher: "Then all this will become a great news item for our friends in America."

1st oppositionist: "I'm sure that once we carry out this mission, we will get all the visas they promised us and have a good time in America. Here is the necessary equipment."

There can be little doubt but that the great Iranian exodus is helping the regime stay in power by enabling the country's over 150,000 of its best and brightest, the would be oppositionists, to leave. What is also clear is that many more would like to vote with their feet than are already so doing. Economic sanctions are biting (thank you Germany; EU could do better ). Note this comment left on Kamangir's website:

What’s to celebrate 25% unemployment (real number, not fake government stats - RNNFGS) another 10-15% underemployment (RNNFGS) this means only able to work a few days a week, meaning also you have to live with your parents till your 40

Inflation is as high as can be, I won’t go into #’s but when the price of tomatoes triples in a few months and you leader tells you to shop at his market, the prices are better. You may also speak with the Butcher, he is a wise man.

I heard getting a education almost guarantees you won’t be able to find work in your field, thats why there are 800,000 cab drivers.

Iranians are good people and most Americans, know that the people who scream death to this and death to death are paid. How will you ever break that regime, one thing for sure is they are scared

That is the reason that rebellion by the discarded old revolutionary clerics may be much more likely than a youth rebellion. After all, there is very little demand abroad for the clerics "specialized" services and have a much larger sense of entitlement. Indeed, members of the old revolutionary guard were the ones who ultimately defeated the Gang of Four and ended the cultural revolution in China. Already, heavy handed efforts to annul through mass candidate disqualification the parliamentary elections have led none other than Khomeini's grandson to protest.

If only the nuclear clock would not be ticking so loudly that even Russia is discomforted. After all, Russia, unlike the United States, would border a nuclear Iran. Up to now, Putin has been following in Stalin's footsteps. Just as Stalin ignored repeated warnings about the German threat in hope that appeasing Hitler will ensure that Nazi belligerence will focus exclusively on the West so does Putin ignore the clear and present danger a nuclear Iran would pose to Russia's Islamic south in the hope that helping Iran with its nuclear development would direct that country's wrath Westward.

Stalin's gamble cost Russia 20 million citizens in the pre nuclear age. One can only wonder what Putin's blunder would cost in the nuclear one!? They say nothing concentrates the mind better than the prospect of a hanging. The same can be said today about an American failure to act. It forces those used to enjoy free rider status to take its place. Unfortunately no one knows if they will or if their efforts will meet with success. Let's put past experience to the side and hope for the best. It should make us feel better.