Palestinian Authority TV Glorifies First Woman Suicide Terrorist - Wafa Idris

Posted in Israel / Palestine , Broader Middle East , Terrorism , Asia | 01-Aug-03 | Author: Itamar Marcus| Source: Palestinian Media Watch

Wafa Idris became the first woman suicide terrorist, when she murdered 1 Israeli and injured over 150 in Jerusalem on January 27, 2002. Her act of terrorism has been glorified by the PA continuously, including the naming of educational programs and summer camps after her. Today PA TV broadcast the following song honoring her:

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The lyrics:
"My sister, Wafa, My sister, Wafa,
"Oh, the heartbeat of pride,
"Oh, blossom who was on the Earth and is now in heaven, (2x)
"My sister, Wafa"
"Allah Akbar! Oh Palestine of the Arabs
"Allah Akbar, Oh Wafa!"
"But you chose Shahada [Death for Allah - Martyrdom]
"In death you have brought life to our will.
"But you chose Shahada,
"In death you have brought life to our will."
[PATV, July 24, 2003 and others]