UAE demands Iran to end occupation of its islands

Posted in Iran | 16-Apr-08 | Source: Gulf in the Media

The UAE used the general assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to demand the Islamic Republic of Iran to end occupation of its three islands of Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa.

'Despite the raft of regional and Arab resolutions including those issued by the recently concluded Arab summit in Damascus, Arab foreign ministers in Cairo and the Arab Inter-parliamentary Union (AIPU), which consider the islands as an occupied Arab land, Iran is still commiting violations and acts that are not conducive to building confidence in response to inititatives aimed at settling the issue as per principles of the international law or referral to the International Court of Justice,' said Ahmed bin Shabib Al Dhahiri, First Deputy Speaker of the Federal National Council, in a statement before the PIU meeting today.

Al Dhahiri called on MPs of the world to urge their governments use necessary forces of influence they have to raise the island issue when they talk to Iran so as to respond to UAE peaceful initiatives for settling the issue.

The UAE proposed that an international parliamentary declaration on challenges facing the humanity in the next ten years be issued.

He said that geopolitical groups should work out the three-pronged document on political, economic and social challenges.

The UAE also called for ending the double standards policy and approach in handling political issues, which undermines credibility not only towards the UN but also towards international and regional organisations.

Emirates News Agency-WAM