U.S. and Iran in Conflict

Posted in Iran | 22-Mar-07 | Source: American Iranian Council

The nature of the conflict between the U.S. and Iran is not one of recent origin. In order to understand this conflict, it is critical that recent developments in the U.S.-Iranian relationship not be taken as fundamental. The contemporary U.S. argument against Iran is based upon two propositions: (i.) that the Iranian nuclear enrichment program is merely cover for a clandestine military nuclear weapons program; and (ii.) that the Iranian government is clandestinely supporting terrorists and insurgents in Iraq thereby killing U.S. soldiers and harming U.S. interests. The actual source of the U.S.-Iranian conflict does not rest within these two propositions; in fact, it exists within an historical relationship dating back at least to the 1953 U.S. supported coup against the democratically elected Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh.