Israeli Spy Satellite saw 15 Nuclear Installations in Iran

Posted in Iran | 13-Apr-05 | Source: UPI

Satellite image shows facilities within Parchin, Iran

In an effort to stiffen President George W. Bush’s resolve to confront Iran over its nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s military attache General Yoav Gallan presented Israeli satellite imagery of Iranian nuclear installations taken since 2002 to Bush and administration officials during their recent summit in Texas.

Gallan gave the photographs along with additional information gathered by Israeli intelligence services on Iran’s nuclear activities. The imagery covered Iran’s 15 known nuclear installations and purportedly proves that Iran’s nuclear program is at a “very advanced” stage. The shots were taken by Israel’s Ofek-5 spy satellite, which has a resolution of less than three feet.

While White House spokesman Scott McClellan confirmed that Bush and Sharon had “talked about their shared concern about Iran’s intentions with their nuclear program,” he denied that the pair had discussed a possible Israeli preemptive military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Bush administration and Israel have both accused Iran of using its ostensibly civilian atomic energy program as a façade for its true intention to develop nuclear arms. Iran firmly rejects the allegations, insisting that it needs nuclear power as an alternative energy source. (Partly because of price subsidies and partly because of a lack of refining capacity, Iran is now an importer of gasoline.)