Ukrainian Elections: A Choice Between the Future and the Past

Posted in Europe | 03-Mar-06 | Author: Dmitry Udalov

Dmitry Udalov is Editor Russia of the World Security Network and Assistant in the Department of Economics in the Institute for US & Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow: "Any instability in Ukraine is a serious menace to European peace and security"

The problem of democratization in some parts of Europe is not any easier than the democratization of the Broader Middle East. In the long run, a stable and peaceful European future will depend on the success of this democratization. Since 2004, Ukraine is playing a significant role in this process. The country decided to accelerate its democratic transition, having elected a pro-Western president.

Undoubtedly the success of the Ukrainian democratic transition will have strategic and long-lasting consequences not only for Ukrainian society, but also for other countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucuses region.

At the same time, any instability in Ukraine is a serious menace to European peace and security. With a population of 50 million, Ukraine is a seriously potential destabilizing factor in Europe.

Today, the situation is changing rapidly. And to tell the truth, it may start developing in the direction of chaos and prosperity at the same time. This is why all changes in Ukraine must be given special attention and thoroughly examined. The upcoming parliamentarian elections will undoubtedly bring new changes. Which ones? Let’s take a closer look.