The Muslim Brotherhood - a master plan for establishing Caliphate and Sharia in Europe

Posted in Europe | 29-May-07 | Author: Dieter Farwick

"It's people from the "religion of peace" who hate me and who would like to see me dead"
"It's people from the "religion of peace" who hate me and who would like to see me dead"
Udo Ulfkotte is one of the most acknowledged experts on Islam and Islamisation in Germany.

In his recent book “Heiliger Krieg in Europa“ (“Holy war in Europe”) he paints a very frightening picture of the ongoing process of Islamisation in Europe.

This exclusive WSN-interview will cover the most important aspects of the “silent” or “secret revolution”.

We want to make it crystal clear from the beginning that Udo Ulfkotte makes an obvious distinction between radical Islamists and “moderate” Muslims.

Nevertheless the Prophet himself was teaching tolerance towards Jews and Christians in his lifetime- now some radical false prophets in contrary preach hate and violence and a dominating Islamic Totalitarism instead of mercy Muhammed always demanded from his followers.

Dieter Farwick: Did you encounter any hostile acts and attempts of intimidation because of your courageous publications ? Did you get the public support – media and politicians – you had hoped for ?

Udo Ulfkotte: Media and politicians support? No, absolutely nothing. The opposite. They call my lectures and book “islamophobic,” and they feel sorry for outspoken people like me. The public support that I get does not come from media and not from politicians. It comes from the German speaking people. Whenever I give lectures you`ll find hundreds of people who mistrust politicians and the media regarding the development of Islam in western society. There are many people who want to be informed on the basis of facts and not on the basis of wishful thinking. So there is growing support from the public but not from the media and politicians who both have promoted the development so far. And on the other side there are hostile acts. I am threatened almost on a daily basis. It`s people from the “religion of peace” who hate me and who would like to see me dead. But don`t worry. There are more and more people like me – so it doesn`t make sense killing me, there are others who will go on. I don`t really understand why some Muslims really hate me. I fight for freedom of expression, for peace, for pluralism, for democracy, for women rights, against political Islam, against hate… I don`t hate Muslims, I just want to ask them kindly to integrate and to accept our western democratic values as long as they live here. And for some of those guys it`s like a declaration of war. Yesterday I received an e-mail, where an Afghani guy living in Germany (giving his full name) wrote that they will kill me and jihad is declared on me…. I started a discussion with him, and he wrote that I am not allowed to criticise Islam and that I have done that and therefore I`ll be dead. So how could you start a dialogue with guys who don`t accept that you criticise them? If you don`t share a minimum of values you can`t have a dialogue. More and more of the public in Germany is accepting what I consider being stupid – to talk to Muslims who don`t accept your values. The majority of politicians and the media still see it different. So I don´t blame radical Islam in Europe for the development, I blame politicians and the media because they have closed their eyes and still do that.

Dieter Farwick: The subtitle of your book “Wie die radikale Muslimbruderschaft unsere Gesellschaft bedroht” (“How the radical Muslim Brotherhood threatens our society”)pinpoints the “master mind” behind the threat of Islamisation. What is the Muslim brotherhood ? Do they have a “masterplan” ? In which time frame do they think ?

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte with the designated Bavarian Prime Minister Günther Beckstein: "The Muslim Brotherhood pretends to be a partner for…
Dr. Udo Ulfkotte with the designated Bavarian Prime Minister Günther Beckstein: "The Muslim Brotherhood pretends to be a partner for dialogue with western governments"
Udo Ulfkotte: The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. In the twenties of the last century, Adolf Hitler rose to power and wrote his book “Mein Kampf”. That book is anti-Jewish and full of hate and racism. The Muslim Brotherhood shares thir ideology with the Nazis. They helped the Nazis in killing and slaughtering Jews. The Nazis one day were stopped and the United States of America have liberated Europe from the barbaric Nazis. Unfortunately the islamo-fascist Muslim Brotherhood has been stopped so far by nobody. The are marching on. The have created hundreds of terrorist groups in the world – like Hamas that was founded 1987 by the Muslim Brotherhood. Wherever you follow Islamic terrorism in the last decades you will find the bloody fingerprints of the Muslim Brotherhood. Go to Algeria in the nineties, go to the tourism massacres in Egypt, go to Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, go to Al Qaeda and the masterminds like Al Zawahiri – you always find guys from the secretive Muslim Brotherhood in the background. Now the Muslim Brotherhood not only supports terrorist groups. It has a double face strategy: it too has founded groups that pretend to stand for a peaceful dialogue and therefore acts as the spokespersons of all Muslims in the world. The Muslim Brotherhood has hijacked Islam for political reasons. It wants to re-establish the Caliphate that was ended when the Ottoman Empire was finished in 1924. The Caliphate is a religious dictatorship where only the religious leader has the power. Terror-groups like Hamas want the recreation of the Caliphate, the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines wants the restoration of the Caliphate, Al Qaeda wants Caliphates all over the world… that’s the signature of the Muslim Brotherhood. The guys in the background – like Mohammed Mahdi Akef , the highest rank muslim brotherhood leader in the world whom I have met in Cairo several times – leave no doubt that one day they will bring Islam and Caliphates all over the world – by “all means”. In the 80es they drew a masterplan and a copy of that was discovered at a house search in Switzerland where a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Switzerland was located. If you would have expected that all media now would report about this secretive plan – you`re wrong. They called it a conspiracy plan and are unwilling to believe it. So the Muslim Brotherhood is really happy. They go on with their agenda: preparing for parallel societies all over the western world on the one hand and supporting terror on the other. It`s the Muslim Brotherhood that had started the cartoon demonstrations in Denmark, it is the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States that is supporting taxis drivers who refuse to transport blind people and their “unclean” dogs, it is the Muslim Brotherhood that supports separation of Muslims and non-Muslims in public swimming pools. The Muslim Brotherhood supports the building of mosques all over the western world, and they support polygamy and apartheid against women. It`s the Muslim Brotherhood that tells Muslims it`s okay to rape women that do not wear a veil. Not the rapers are guilty – the women without veil are guilty… that's the Muslim Brotherhood… they are really “nice” guys”…

Dieter Farwick: What are the strategic goals and objectives of the Muslim brotherhood ?

Udo Ulfkotte: The Muslim Brotherhood pretends to be a partner for dialogue for western governments. So as the western governments face a problem with radical Islam , they are looking for people to whom they could speak to. And the Muslim Brotherhood takes that chance and pretends to be that people. That is the reason why even in the German government our State Secretary of the interior, Mr. Schäuble (Christian Democrats), is speaking at so called Islam conferences, to members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood is working. They now are advisers to the European Commission in Brussels and in half of the membership countries of the European Union they are the Islam advisers of the governments. That is like inviting wolves to talk about how to protect the sheep and let them do it.

Dieter Farwick: What are the major tools and means to achieve the “Caliphate” based upon the Sharia ? Is terrorism an important tool ? Are there links between Al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood ? Where does the money come from ?

"The Muslim Brotherhood shares their ideology with Hitler"
"The Muslim Brotherhood shares their ideology with Hitler"
Udo Ulfkotte: Demography is the most powerful peaceful tool. The Muslim Brotherhood tells the Muslims in western countries just to wait and have children – and with the help of Allah they will take over the countries in one or two generations. The second most powerful tool is the Islamisation of the western economies. All politicians say that they don`t want to implement sharia law. But they clap their hands whenever a European or western bank is preparing for a new sharia-conform financial investment. If you go to the financial market you now find sharia-conform fund all over. But who decides if an investment is sharia-conform or not? It is not the banks. It is fatwa and sharia-boards. And there you find fatwa imams like radical sheikh Yussuf al Qaradawi who gives fatwas that support the killing of American soldiers in Iraq and killing Israeli citizens in Israel. He says that is martyr actions and not terrorism. And such guys like Yussuf Al Qaradawi sit in the sharia-boards of western banks and decide what is sharia-conform investment and what is not. That’s perverse. We destroy our western economies and clap our hands. That’s perverse.

As we are blind to this development, we too don`t recognize the connections between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism. The second man behind Osama Bin Laden is Ajman Al Zawahiri. He is Egyptian and was a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He founded Gamaat al Islamiyya, a Muslim Brotherhood terror groups before he left to fight in Afghanistan. As they have hi´jacked Islam they don`t have the money problems. They control thousands of mosques. And there they collect zakat. So if peaceful Muslims in Europe spend money for their fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine- who controls if the money is used by Hamas for “martyr operations” or for orphans… They really don`t have a money problem.

Dieter Farwick: The success depends on actions and reactions of our societies against this dangerous threat. Is there a sufficient awareness of the threat in our societies ? Are our societies too naïve ? Do we already practise a kind of self-capitulation ? What role does the media play in this context ? You mention a lot of examples showing that we have already given up some basic positions ? Could you present some of them to us ?

Udo Ulfkotte: Yes we have given up. In May 2007 the German Bundesverfassungsgericht, what is our constitution guard, decided, that radical Islamists are free to call for jihad in Germany. As long as they don`t threaten a specific person or support a specific group they can publicly promote jihad in Germany. If you don`t believe it, follow this link:,,OID6815822_REF1,00.html

We take the Christian cross from our public buildings – that might insult some Muslims. We introduce special swimming sessions at public swimming pools for Muslim women – it might insult the Muslim women if unbelievers see them swimming. We accept that snack-producers like Frito-Lay must declare if their products are halal for Muslims or not. We accept that Muslims in Germany are spitting at butchers on Muslim pork because it insults them – they don`t like pork meat. We accept in Europe that Muslim pupils don`t want to listen to techers who teach them about farming because there are pigs living on the farms. And so we stop teaching young pupils in Europe how to live on a farm because that might insult Muslims. We accept that Muslims don`t want to listen at school about the genocide on Armenians – we are silent. We accept that Muslims don`t like if we report about the Muslim genocide to Christians in southern Sudan. We are silent. We accept that Muslims sell books in Germany where they write that it is allowed to beat children if they don`t pray to Allah at the age of ten. We accept that Muslims press the cosmetic industry no longer to use pork products in cosmetics and instead take the substances from camels. Shall I go on – I could do that the next several days…

Dieter Farwick: In many European countries we have obviously allowed or accepted the development of so-called “parallel societies” leading to no-go areas for our police force in which the Sharia is already the juridical system. Is this trend irreversible ?

"I fight for freedom of expression, for peace, for pluralism, for democracy, for women rights."
"I fight for freedom of expression, for peace, for pluralism, for democracy, for women rights."
Udo Ulfkotte: We have the freedom of immigration in our democratic societies. So we should remind all those who do not accept our democratic values that they have the freedom to leave. We should have laws that make it a crime if people don`t integrate. If people fight against freedom and against democracy – why should we accept that? I`ll explain that while looking to the Hindu religion: For a peaceful Hindu it’s a crime to slaughter a cow and to eat that meat. So how would we react if Hindus living in western societies would ask us tomorrow to stop slaughtering and eating cows because that offends their religion? We would never accept that. Because we have our culture. But with Muslims we discuss how much we should give up of our values. That`s crazy!

Dieter Farwick: You point out that the demography in Europe plays into the hands of the Muslim brotherhood. Can you elaborate on this issue ?

Udo Ulfkotte: In Brussels we have 57 percent of the pupils at school being Muslims right now. So you don`t need to be a prophet to look into the demographic future… Take a look at Amsterdam, go to Berlin, what about the banlieus in France… Good bye old Europe… It´s a question of time…

Dieter Farwick: What is more likely in your opinion: A European Islam or an Islamic Europe if the process goes on ?

Udo Ulfkotte: European Islam sounds good. But please be so kind and show me just one spokesperson of the European Islam. Tariq Ramadan? Sorry – he`s close to the Muslim Brotherhood. This nice Ibrahim al Zayat in Germany who used to be in many talk-shows as a “moderate” muslim and whom the German Bundespresseamt declared to be a good partner for the “dialogue”? Sorry, he just was ousted as being the boss of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany. Go on, show me the guys who represent European Islam… There's nobody out there…

Dieter Farwick: There is some time left to counter the long-term strategy of the Muslim brotherhood. What could be done ? Are there “moderate” Muslims we could count on ?What can we do to differentiate between the minority of radical Islamists and the vast majority of “moderate” Muslims ? Or are those “ moderate” Muslims hostages and/or camouflage and cover for the radicals ? How can we encourage “moderate” Muslims to speak up and distance themselves from the radical Islamists ? Do we need a European strategy ?

Udo Ulfkotte: We clearly need a European strategy. We have peaceful Muslims all over Europe who accept our values, who love to be here and to share our values. But they are represented by nobody. So first of all we have to ask all peaceful Muslims not to close their eyes but to help building – without the Muslim Brotherhood – structures that represent them. We have to kick the Muslim Brotherhood out of all dialogues. That’s easy because the intelligence agencies have everything about them. It's just the politicians who don`t want that. They fear for unrest. But the longer you wait the stronger the Muslim Brotherhood will be. It`s an enemy. And we are fearful of fighting an enemy. We are wimps. We have to stand up and take the hands of peaceful Muslims and together kick off those “nice” guys from the Muslim Brotherhood. They have betrayed us too long.

" We don't recognize the connection between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism."
" We don't recognize the connection between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism."
I have organized the first demonstration for European values and against the Islamisation of Europe that will be held in Brussels on September 11 for the first time. Our partner groups will have that demonstration too in Canada, Australia and the United States. We have started collecting information (and sources) on the Islamisation of Europe on pages all over Europe in a network, the German page is

Dieter Farwick: More and more people in Europe come to the conclusion that the “integration” of the Muslims into a so-called “ Multi-cultural society” was an illusion creating more problems than solutions. Are “participation” and “interaction” a realistic approach ?

Udo Ulfkotte: Not being a Muslim is the problem. It`s the question of what is your way of life. Islam can be a way of life. And if you accept only Islam as your way of life you can`t get happy in western societies. As accepting only Christianity as your way of live you will never be happy in Saudi Arabia. The question is how far do you accept Islam as a PART of your way of life. If you take Islam as it was created – being your ONLY way of life from birth to paradise, for economy, for law, for sexuality, for everything… - then it will be an illusion to see a peaceful future in Europe. So how many Muslims accept Islam as a PART of their way of live in the western civilisation? I hope that it is not the majority. We`ll see that the day when we will have Muslim political parties all over Europe. That day is not that close. If the majority of Muslims will vote for Muslim parties we`ll have lost. We have to start getting the radical elements that are against integration with all means out of our countries. But that`s an illusion. If you scroll up and read again what that German Bundesverfassungsgericht just has decided … supporting violent jihad publicly in Germany now is almost welcome and no more a serious crime… We are digging our own graves.

Dieter Farwick : You certainly write your books and essays to wake-up our societies - especially our politicians – to sharpen our sensors in order to avoid that the “masterplan” of the Muslim brotherhood comes true as planned.
Please, let us share your view on how we can save our democratic and pluralistic system as well as our way of life.

Udo Ulfkotte: We don`t need any money for that. We just need to remember something: we have values. And we have given up our values. History never stands still. And now things are changing. There is no vacuum in history. As we have lost our values, are closing our churches, flushing down our unborn babies down the toilet, living just for the day, for sex and alcohol – we have no chance to fill that vacuum. We need values again. And then Muslims will accept us. Now we are loosing the hearts and minds of more and more Muslims because they see how we have lost our values. We are more and more determinded short-thinking – and Muslims have certain values and are determinded thinking more on the long-term basis. We should not even think about deportation of peaceful Muslims (that’s what right-wing extremists do in Europe), we should go back to our values. We had values that have been as sharp as a sword. Now we live in a time where we laugh about values. And history will teach us what will happen and who is laughing last…