DOM Benedictine Bottle with a German-French War History

Posted in Europe | 29-Mar-13 | Source: World Security Network Foundation

As a gesture of French-German Friendship and 50 years of the Elysee Treaty, Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, Founder of the World Security Network Foundation, presented Admiral ret Pierre Lacoste, former Director of the French Foreign Intelligence, in Paris a bottle of DOM Benedictine with a history.

Admiral Lacoste Hubertus Hoffmann Paris
Admiral ret Pierre Lacoste (right) with Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann celebrating the Franco-German friendship in Paris, France.

His father conquered the Chateau Benedictine in Normandy in 1940 as an officer of a heavy artillery unit of the Wehrmacht. Impressed by the DOM Benedictine, the soldiers unloaded two trucks full of ammunition and loaded many boxes of this 43% alcohol sweet herb spirit instead.

These trucks made it several thousand kilometers to cold Russia and back again. Whenever Captain Georg-G√ľnther Hoffmann was celebrating the birth of a child, a marriage of an officer or paid the last respect for fallen companions, the codeword "Kommandeurs-Reserve" (commanders reserve) was used and a bottle opened.

"Now you know why the Wehrmacht lost WW II - not enough ammunition and a secret French weapon in use...Let's remember and drink a toast to our long-term friendship in NATO and the EU, finally becoming friends after hundreds of years of hate and fighting each other," Dr. Hoffmann told the French admiral.