Italian Colors?

Posted in Europe | 22-Mar-07 | Author: Piero Laporta

I send you this letter from Italy because I feel as an exiled in my poor country, since "honor" and "freedom" are vanishing from our Flag.

The majesty of our Parliament, for instance, was jeopardized and no one objected to the lock up of the Senate from mid December to the 23rd of January, not even the opposition, if the Italian Parliamentary opposition still exists.

While my country is exposed, the discussion of these issues is impossible in Italy. The media as well as the newspapers are like the three monkeys: blind, deaf and mute.

Rather than worrying about the future of our country, the Italian media are more interested in the Festival of the Italian song in Sanremo and the fabulous amount of money showered upon the slick all-seasons-man, Mr. Pippo Baudo, and his pretty assistant, Ms. Michelle Hunziker.

Italian colors, you might say.

Maybe, but Italy really is a strange country. Take Naples, for instance... This city hosts five thousand people repeatedly sentenced for stealing, mugging, drug traffic, human trade, homicides and so on. Despite the fact that most of these gentlemen were on house arrest, they escaped without any impediment and the media became aware of such an occurrence only because a number of escaped gangsters happened to die under police gun-fire during unlucky robberies.

Italian colors, you might say.

Maybe, but you can also ask why all these gentlemen are not inside a real jail rather than to enjoy the warm comfort of their own homes? Good question, but the Italian jails are not designed for putting a stop to criminal behavior but rather, as we will see further on, they are used for political disputes. But, let’s move on for now.

Focusing again on Naples, we have to observe that every village, town and city of Campania (the region whose capital is Naples) is – every single one – under the control of an organized crime family or even under an alliance of them, tightly connected with the political and social structures, local as well as national. That's a reality like the existence of the Pope in Rome.

The harbor of Naples is the entry point of all the unbridled smuggling you can imagine and more: cigarettes, drugs, human trade, "brand named" merchandise from China, and so on. Nobody asks the Mayor of Naples, Mrs. Rosa Russo Jervolino, or the Governor of Campania, Mr. Antonio Bassolino, what they are doing to face the gangsters and the smuggling.

A recent book investigating this situation in Naples sprays accusatory poison on the police, cautiously touching on some crime families. But the book carefully avoids explaining the way the most important Italian powers – political as well as judiciary – are deeply rooted in the current barbaric situation.

After the first threats, right on time, the brave author of the book received a police escort, surely appropriate, thus, wearing his mask, joining the golden club of the Italian Escorted People (IEP), an elite society including both honest officials that have actually been threatened as well as local politicians empowered by their dark friendships or even by their dirty relationships. That's a game whose cost no one is able to calculate precisely, but can’t be less than one billion Euros per year.

Italian colors?

Oh, yes, you might say that Naples is Naples and elsewhere Italy is different. Maybe, but in the meantime a former terrorist (and we do hope he is "former") sits on Parliament and no one cares he was a killer. Italian colors?

Another assassin, found guilty on five counts, nowadays is an honored journalist, preaching on morality, behavior and good citizenship. Italian colors?

I beg your pardon since I am not able to specify if these two gentlemen enjoy the IEP club card. It is enough to know that even if this possibility weren't true nevertheless it would certainly seem to be.

Italian colors?

While the Italian gangsters toast on the sofa of their own living rooms, a number of Italian magistrates worry about the best way to make use of the jails. These magistrates are self proclaimed "democratic" to stress their specific and mystical quality – being exactly "democratic" – that puts them above the rest who are mere "magistrates". After all, nobody is perfect, what can we do about it ?

Pay no attention if the "democratics" are usually committed in a double activity, one time enforcing the law and another reading between the lines of or jumping among the laws, according to the political moment or the political side of the defendant.

"The law is equal for everybody” is written above the judge's desk in our courtrooms. Yes, surely, the text of the Italian laws is the same for all, but the jail probably not.

Four hundred people were exterminated by left-wing terrorists during the '70s and '80s. The terrorists killed magistrates, policemen, officials, simple and modest citizens as well as high professors and statesmen. A mountain of corpses.

The killers? They are all free, enjoying gainful jobs and sometimes even the IEP club card.

Italian colors?

It obviously doesn’t matter if the Red Brigades are still on the spot, with a number of apprentices knowing that shooting down professors, policemen and other enemies of the working class, without being gunned down themselves, assures a bright future. After all a considerable part of the Parliamentarians is on their bloody scheme and the attention they are receiving today trumps the freedom of tomorrow. It's just a matter of time, but not much.

Italian colors?

Maybe, but please don't miss the opportunity, if you are a student of an Italian university, to catch a lecture by some famous Red Brigade terrorists usually teaching a whole spectrum of humanities courses, not excluding ethics. Isn’t that nice?!?

"The law is equal for everybody" but the jail probably not.

Renato Farina, for instance, was close to satisfying the magistrate's urge to use the Italian jails appropriately.

He is a journalist or, better, he was a journalist. No, don't worry, he is still alive. Yes, I understand a misinterpretation was possible, but he is only dead as a journalist, lucky to be still alive and free. Not everybody appreciated this conclusion.

He was charged to be a coworker of one of the intelligence services. Which one? Russian? Iranian? Chinese? Or Taliban and Al Qaeda intelligence? No, the Italian intelligence service. Yes, you understood right. Renato Farina is or, well again, was an Italian journalist charged with complicity with the Italian intelligence service. Yes, you are reading right, Italian intelligence service. So what's the problem, you may ask? Nobody was killed, wounded or offended by Renato Farina. He helped the Italian intelligence service to free Giuliana Sgrena, a controversial communist journalist kidnapped in Iraq and released during a dramatic operation that ended in an accident, just one year ago, when a US infantry patrol shot the car transporting Mrs. Sgrena, who was seriously wounded, while her mentor, Nicola Callipari, an Italian intelligence officer, died.

The Italian magistrates condemned the Italian intelligence service coworker to six months of jail immediately commuted to six thousand Euros of bail.

By the way, the final charge was a marginal complicity on the kidnapping of Abu Omar, a Muslim terrorist in Milan undercover as a religious leader. For the same operation the court demanded the return of a dozen CIA officers, but not the extradition of Abu Omar from Egypt, where he is currently toasting his freedom, as required since he had a terrorist role in Italy, didn’t he?

Okay, you can say, they reached a compromise, give and take, to get out of a spot. Don’t you think? But it isn’t exactly so.

After the legal procedure, the "Order of Journalists (OOJ)", a medieval guild founded during the Fascist years to prohibit the Jews from becoming journalists, decided to punish Mr, Farina. The charge? Working with the Italian intelligence service, again...

You probably don't know that in Italy without the OOJ card - as sought after as that of the IEP club card - it is impossible to work as a professional journalist or even as an editor. Without the OOJ card the journalist dies.

Well, the OOJ decided to destroy Mr. Farina, the Italian journalist, guilty of collaborating with the Italian intelligence service to free Mrs. Sgrena.

When Mr. Farina understood what they were preparing, a defamatory and trumpeting banishment, he resigned, giving back his OOJ card. So as journalist he died, consoled only by the IEP card for continuous threats by Abu Omar’s buddies, who evidently are on the same side of the fascist-founded OOJ.

Italian colors?

Dare I forget the vast solidarity demonstrated by the "democratic" magistrates in favor of terrorists, but you have probably heard something about the misadventures of Mr. Mario Scaramella.

He was with Sasha Litvinenko in the Millennium bar of London, when Litvinenko was so generously served of Polonium 912 by two Russian intelligence service killers, who returned to Moscow without any consequences.

During the previous legislature, Mr. Scaramella was a consultant of Paolo Guzzanti, the senator who chaired the Parliamentary Commission investigating the KGB activities in Italy.

Paolo Guzzanti proved at least two important circumstances.

Aldo Moro – president of Christian Democratic Party - was kidnapped and killed after 55 days of captivity, by (the) Red Brigades, in 1978.

In those circumstances, as proved by Guzzanti, a top secret document concerning the security of Italy as well as of NATO disappeared from the Defense Minister's safe. This document mysteriously resurfaced two years later, in (the) mid July 1980 on a desk of the Italian Defense Ministry.

Nobody asked "What does it mean?".

The "democratic" magistrates that know this fact very well were and still are too busy with other more important things.

The key to the Aldo Moro kidnapping probably lies behind this fact, but the only important result so far is the freedom of all Aldo Moro's killers.

Italian colors?

Guzzanti’s work also proved that Sergey Antonov, the Balkan Air director at the roman "Leonardo da Vinci Airport" was nearby Ali Agca, while he was shooting down John Paul II.

Sergey Antonov was a general of RUMNO, the Bulgarian military intelligence service, answering directly to the soviet military intelligence service, the bloody GRU. These are only two among a quantity of interesting results concerning recent events of the Italian history.

The Guzzanti Commission worked almost five years producing a mountain of documents, but the more the documents were full of facts proving the links between Soviet secrete service, the deeper the silence of the Italian media was. Almost five years of cowardly silence, without difference between the leftwing side (RAI the state’s tv networks, the newspapers chains like “Espresso” and “Corriere della Sera”, etc.) and – strange to see - the Berlusconi’s media chain (three tv broadcast and one press chain). In short, all the Italian mass media system was mute, distant and indifferent for five years.

Silence, a deafening silence, offending truth and justice.

Italian colors?

When Sasha Litvinenko died, all the previous silent Italian media became suddenly querulous, sustaining two correlated thesis: Mario Scaramella was a suspected killer of Litvinenko and he was a defamer. During the month following the death of Litvinenko all Italian broadcasts – the Berlusconi’s too – sounded off “Scaramella suspected to be a killer” and “Scaramella dirty defamer”.

Only Paolo Guzzanti was self-appointed defending the Scaramella’s honor, through his articles and his blog ( but taking into account he had (and he still has) to guard his back since the Italian daily newspaper “Repubblica” published an interview of a Mr. Limarev testifying a plot of Guzzanti himself and Scaramella himself designed to defame Mr. Romano Prodi.

The interview of Mr. Limarev - a former (former?) KGB official – was delivered to “La Repubblica” two years ago. What does this two years silence mean?

Mr. Limarev afterwards denied the complains about Mr. Guzzanti.

Mr. Scaramella was discharged to be a killer thanks to authoritative statements by Scotland Yard and by a number of Russian exileds in London, among whom Oleg Gordievskij, former KGB Colonel, chief of the London KGB station until 1985, when he escaped to became a British intelligence service officer.

But the brand “Scaramella dirty defamer” hanged up.

A few days after the big demonstration of the 2nd) of December , 2006, during which Mr. Berlusconi gathered two million people in Rome without spending non one word in to support neither Mr. Scaramella or Mr. Guzzanti. The message to the other political side was clear: Mr. Scaramella and Mr. Guzzanti are expendable. Who had to understand, understood.

Mr. Guzzanti, thanks a press campaign, was about to be incriminated for conspiracy.

Mr. Scaramella was arrested under the incrimination to be a defamer. This is the first preventive jailing of a suspected defamer in the history of the poor Italian Republic.

Italian colors?

But defamer at expenses of whom? Good question, but unbelievable answer. Let’s go on. During the preceding weeks, the role of Mario Scaramella as consultant of Paolo Guzzanti surfaced and was especially spotlighted by a Scaramella report concerning the Russian relationships of Mr. Prodi and unclear links with KGB officials. Similar and other more embarrassing particulars were surfaced in a statement of British member of European Parliament. But not one word of those aspects were reported by Mr. Guzzanti in the final report delivered to the Italian Parliament archives.

Indeed, Mr. Guzzanti labeled “secret” the Scaramella report and filed it in the parliamentary archives. Paradoxically, those embarrassing contents of the Scaramella report surfaced when the press campaign against him lined up.

In short, all Italian public opinion is convinced that Mr. Scaramella was arrested for being a defamer of Mr. Prodi. No, it isn’t exactly so. Then, who was defamed by Mr. Scaramella? The Pope? The President of the Republic? Mr. Putin? Mr. Bush? No, none of them. Mr. Scaramella defamed, according to the prosecutor, a free lance killer, a former (former?) cutthroat of the Ukrainian secret service.

Isn’t that interesting?!

Well, when the three months of legal preventive jailing were about to be expiring, Mr. Scaramella was charged with a new incrimination, weapons trafficking, brought on by the same Ukrainian cutthroat.

"The law is equal for everybody" but the jail probably not.

While I am writing, the visit of Colonel Vladimir Putin to the Pope, with the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church, is in progress. This could be the most important international event of this spring.

The aim of Pope, Benedict XVI, is clear: to arrive at an invitation to visit Moscow, going where John Paul II was banned. The purpose of the Catholic Church is always the same: paving the way to the unity of the Christianity. The Pope’s perspective is not political but, rather catholically faithful, forgiving the pogroms, the prosecutions, the trials, the tortures with which Communist authorities constrained, during more than sixty years, the Church of the Communist Countries which called herself “the Church of Silence”.

Mr. Putin, as colonel of KGB was on the first front-line fighter and prosecutor of “the Church of Silence”. Benedict XVI doesn’t mind the prosecutions and, above all, the attempt on the life of John Paul II by the hand of the Turkish mercenary Muslim killer Ali Agca.

That is, after all, at the core of the Catholic faith, whose Pope, Vicar of Christ, sermons “Urbi et Orbi”, teaches “Rome and the World”, to forgive and to love the enemy; a transcendental utopia difficult to believe, impractical to follow, but continuously lighting the way along the Church’s arduous path.

However, while Colonel Vladimir Putin walks up to Saint Peter’s Basilica, it is impossible to forget, from a political perspective, that Mr. Berlusconi before, and Mr. Prodi after, strengthened economic, political and commercial links with Russia, shifting, day by day, the center of mass of Italian foreign policy, despite a proclaimed partnership in NATO.

Any doubt? Please, see Afghanistan…

Mr. Berlusconi and Mr. Prodi are two arms of the same body whose head is in Moscow, enthusiastic friends of a Colonel whose enemies, who gun down, who poisoned, who “suicided”, are malignantly doomed to die, all exterminated.

That’s taking place while the democratic rules in Russia are progressively destroyed to prepare conveniently the Russian political “democratic” elections of next December.

This is the framework within which the apparently illogical Italian politics are de facto inserted.

Italian colors will turn toward the darkness out of the blue, but sooner than you can imagine, and now you can’t say you didn’t know.

Your sincerely
Piero Laporta

(*) Brigadier General, Italian Army