New Peace Agreement for Somalia signed

Posted in Europe , Africa | 30-Jan-04 | Author: Fabio Spada

A rare success !

(AG) - Roma, Jan. 29 - The Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, expressed his satisfaction for the signature of a peace agreement by all the parties involved in the peace talks endorsed by IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development).

The document, underwritten in Nairobi today also by international mediators, rounded off the agreement reached on the provisional Constitution and mark a decisive turning point in the reconciliation process in Somalia. The agreement foresees the creation of a five year federal-type government, of a Parliament composed by 275 members and of a National Commission in charge of drafting a definitive Constitution.

Frattini underlined that that agreement paved the way for the third and last phase of the Nairobi Conference, during which the composition of the new Somali government would be decide.

The head of the Italian diplomacy also praised the job of IGAD.

"Italy gave an important contribution to this agreement, actively participating to the crucial phases of negotiations, also its special envoy for Somalia, Mario Raffaelli." The Minister stress the strong commitment to the normalisation in Somalia, as well as the coordination of the efforts of donor countries and organisation, in view of the conference scheduled in Rome after the definitive agreement among parties.