EU has Post Nationalist Leadership; US next?

Posted in Democracy , Other | 26-Jun-08 | Author: Judith Apter Klinghoffer| Source: History News Network

Democracy does not mean confidence in citizens, writes Dirk Kurbjuweit. No kidding. The fact that the American system does mandate such confidence has been a major reason for elite European anti-Americanism. Indeed, they support for Barack Obama rests in their hope that he will change that system. As far as the European governing elites go, the Irish 'no vote" proves them right. They admit that by submitting a 287 page long constitution written in incomprehensible legalese, they have in effect asked Europe's citizens to write them a blind check. But that, they argue, is as it should be. Citizens cannot and should not be trusted. They should meekly defer to their betters.

Since the Irish said no. They should be punished. Change their vote or be expelled from the EU. The "untrustworthy" merely shrug. They are wrong, warns columnist Wolfgang Münchau. They are putting its miracle at risk. He may be right though I doubt it. Similar dire elite predictions of the terrible consequences that staying out of the EU would have for Norway or the economic price the UK and Denmark would pay for failing to accept the Euro have been proven wrong. All three countries are doing fine.

I do not think that the EU is necessarily a bad idea. But European citizens are right to despise it's elitist nature. How EU Leaders Are Trying to Rescue the Lisbon Treaty. Dirk Kurbjuweit argues that it is all for the best, but even he is disgusted. He asks:

Would you buy a used treaty from these people?

This must be the biggest collection of scoundrels in the world. There are 27 of them. No, more: It's not just the heads of state and government who are here, but also the foreign ministers. Sitting there at their enormous table, they seem to be chatting amiably, but it's far less innocent than that. They're plotting something, once again, searching for a way to put one over -- and a really big one, this time -- on the people they represent. They've been working on it for a long time, picking up where their predecessors left off. Again and again, they trick their populations into accepting the European Union.

Yes, they did and we are all paying the price. For the real victim is the belief in democracy. That belief is vanishing fast amongst those who have not experienced living under dictatorships. Since they include most Western intellectuals, Chinese dictators, Russian plutocrats, Iranian theocrats and Arab autocrats are all getting a free ride. Not since the 30s has the democratic system held in such low esteem. EU shenanigans are certainly not helping.

As the US elite continues to respect the concept of the government of the people by the people and for the people but also encourages others to follow suit, it must be reeducated.

How? They must be taught to accept that the American people are not the best judges of their own self interests. Moreover, that it is the role of American leaders to force their people to accept the fact that their own self interest must be subjugated to the global interests as determined by a transnational elite. When all said and done, this is the change advocated by Barack Hussein Obama candidacy and this is the world wants him to win. He will not put the US first. He accepts as valid the demand that the US share it's wealth with the global community.

Why? Because he is the post-American candidate. He was born to a Kenyan father and an American mother and spend at least part of his formative years in Indonesia. Indeed, it is the role of universities to replicate Obama's experience to the best of their ability and create more and more such post-American leaders. How? by flooding the campus with foreign students. No, I am not making it up:

Richard Levin, president of Yale University, one of the top US colleges, recently told the Financial Times he wanted more foreign students at the country’s elite universities to combat the “tremendous insularity” of political leaders educated there.

“If our educational leaders had pushed this [internationalization] earlier they might have changed America,” Mr Levin said.

Do note that it is not the fanatic Iran or corrupt China and India, Levin wants to change by reeducating their elite but democratic USA! If the American intellectual elite has it's way, our leaders will as responsive to the American people as the European leaders are to their people. Indeed, that is the reason they support Obama even if to get elected he has to advertise himself as a American (from Kansas!)as apple pie. Fooling the people is what good post-nationalist leaders do.

After all, did not Nicholas Sarkozy run as a French nationalist only to ignore the French rejection of the constitution. Was he not the man who had the chutzpah to resubmit that constitution under a new name within less than a year after his election? Those promising us that Obama does not "mean" it and, indeed, can be controlled better rethink their assumptions.

The role of post-nationalist leaders such as Obama is not to attend to the wishes of the people but to ignore them and do their best to change them. Brecht may have thought he was being sarcastic but Obama and his like minded elite mean to do so literally and they are willing to pay for it.


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