Islamists Have Abandoned the Koran

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Moslem prayers in a Mosque.

Aylin Kocaman is a commentator on A9TV in Turkey and a producer of the network's show, "Building Bridges," in association with the American network, WTPN. She is often interviewed on international television and radio programs. Her columns appear on various Turkish websites and she's a guest columnist for the Jerusalem Post.

In her latest column for the Post, she argues, "If a person who claims that he is a Muslim says, 'We will wipe Israel off the map,' or 'We will drive the Jews from those lands,' this means that he does not speak in compliance with the Koran. This is against the provision of the Koran commanding Muslims to live in peace with Jews and be friends with them, and violates the commands of the Koran about the Holy Land."

The following is Security Analyst Ryan Mauro's interview with Aylin Kocaman:

Ryan Mauro: When you argue that the Koran states that the Jews should be permitted to live in the Holy Land, do you mean they should have a country of their own or that they should live in safety under an Islamic State?

Aylin Kocaman: Of course they must live in their own country, and that is how it will be. I know what kind of system you mean by "Islamic State," and I understand your concern, so I think it would be more appropriate first to elaborate on the issue.

There is a system applied under the name of Islam. We refer to this concept that you describe as "Islamism" by the harsher term "bigotry." I must first make this clear: This is not Islam, but it has been portrayed to the whole world as Islam. What do these bigots do? They produce their own nonsense and traditions instead of the verses of the Koran. "That is the faith," they say.

They use fabricated hadiths as shields and generally inflict awful trouble on the world. The fabricated hadiths and traditions they draw from as sources for their nonsense are like holy texts for them. They kiss the Koran and put it to their heads, but they never implement it. They never even read it. They have no idea what the Koran even says. They have made it unlawful even to touch the Koran. Women enjoy almost no rights at all.

The Koran commands love, compassion, peace and friendship. If someone is a Muslim, then he must do all he can to discharge that responsibility, but the bigots are ignorant of this. Their basic principles are largely founded on hatred, anger and bloodshed. They hate people, women, flowers, nice and clean clothes, culture, art, science, music, dance and of course, Christians and Jews. In brief, they hate everything.

The Koran commands one to embrace everyone — Christian, Jew, atheist, communist —everyone without distinction. The bigot, however, seeks to kill and annihilate them. The Koran commands freedom of ideas and democracy.

The verse of the Koran that reads, "I do not worship what you worship, and you do not worship what I worship. You have your religion and I have my religion" is explicit proof of this, but the bigot seeks to kill anyone who does not espouse his own religion.

In the verse, "There is no compulsion in Islam," the Koran commands secularism and freedom of beliefs, but the bigot resorts to force and pressure to make people join his religion.

The Koran commands happiness. The bigot commands tears. The Koran commands Muslims to be educated, artistic and cultured, while the bigot wants them to be ignorant. The Koran makes all fine blessings obligatory and a blessing for Muslims, while the bigot prefers a filthy, ill-groomed and unkempt existence. The Koran makes all war and aggression a sin, except for situations where life is at stake and then only for defensive purposes. The bigot seeks every opportunity to incite conflict, aggression and corruption.

The Koran praises women and compares them to flowers. The bigot, on the other hand, regards women as on par with black dogs, asses and pigs. Suicide is a sin according to the Koran but in the eyes of the bigot, being a suicide bomber is an essential part of jihad. The Koran speaks of education people through jihad, while the bigot interprets it to mean killing.

All religions and ways of thinking have their bigots. It is important for these details to be known, since we are dealing with Islamist bigots here. The violent religion that many people in the world think of as Islam is actually bigotry. And the Koran declares war on bigotry.

As to the subject of an Islamic State, there has never been a state run under the Islam of the Koran since the time of the Prophet Mohammed. The countries that have been described as Islamic Republics actually based their systems on these terrible versions of bigotry and synthesized them with Marxism. The administrations in question or groups that say, "We have brought in Sharia Law," have absolutely nothing to do with the Sharia in the Koran. They apply the Sharia of the religion they have invented for themselves, not Islam.

If they really implemented the Sharia of Islam, they would have been communities with highly developed levels of art and science, high education levels and quality of life. They would have been peaceable, loving and favored union with all peoples of the world, embracing Jews and Christians, taking all people seeking peace and security as their friends. They would have been joyful and loving communities that think of the needy before themself and seek answers to problems. Compare that definition with the countries that describe themselves as "Islamic Republics," and you will see the vast difference.

To return to your question, according to the Koran, the Jews must live in the Holy Land within the borders of their own state. And the Koran promises that they will live in their own state on those lands. According to the Koran, no Muslim can impose his rule on another community, occupy those lands or keep those people captive. According to the Koran, a Muslim will want the Jewish people to have their own state in the Holy Land and to live with them as brothers. It is a good thing for the Jews to be there. The Koran and Torah agree that this must happen peacefully.

Devout Muslims who reject bigotry and devout Jews who reject bigotry must combine together and build powerful bonds and friendships. That friendship is commanded to us in the Koran. We are engaged in intensive efforts to that end here in Turkey. Our organization enjoys close relations with Israeli rabbis and members of the Knesset and we have been issuing joint communiqués of peace for some time now.

Mauro: If your interpretation of the Koran is correct, why do so many Muslims believe differently?

Kocaman: Because Islamists do not apply the conception of Islam that is in the Koran. They call the nonsense they fabricate "Islam." And they have spread that conception. Those wishing to learn about Islam have always encountered this false conception. Nonsense, false beliefs, traditions, fabricated lawful and unlawful practices and rules that do not exist in Islam, etc. have so distracted people that they are unaware of the love at the heart of Islam. They have abandoned the Koran.

There are numerous hadiths related from our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Some of these are trustworthy, while some are falsehoods that bigots have fabricated for their own specious faith. It is easy to differentiate between trustworthy and untrustworthy hadiths. One just has to see if they are compatible with the Koran.

Islamists have, for years, been relating untrustworthy hadiths as if they came from the Prophet Mohammed and thus defamed him. They have made contempt for women, hatred and savagery as part of the religion. Muslims are depicted as aggressive and warlike, dirty and ill-kempt and as devoid of art, culture, education and science. It is because of Islamists that it looks like we harbor hatred for Jews and Christians and live in absence of concepts like democracy, love and freedom of ideas.

When people turn away from the Koran, it is easy for them to adopt a belief put forward in the name of God if they are ignorant and ill-informed. Many ignorant people have signed up for this savage conception of religion, because that is all they know as "Islam." They have learned their religion, not from the Koran, but from traditions and nonsense.

God willing, we will change all this. Ignorance is a huge problem and this problem of bigotry to a large extent stems from ignorance. We are trying to give people correct information through education, reason and interpretation of the verses of the Koran. And we work 24/7 with never a day's rest in order to do it. The world needs to be freed from this scourge, and people must be freed from the jaws of bigotry. God willing, the whole world will soon become acquainted with the true Islam.

Ryan Mauro is's National Security Analyst and a fellow with the Clarion Fund. He is the founder of and is frequently interviewed on Fox News.