Alternative Energy Trends and Implications for GCC Countries (July 2008)

Posted in Broader Middle East | 06-Aug-08 | Source: Gulf Research Center

Please find at the link below the GRC Report “Alternative Energy Trends and Implications for GCC Countries.” It deals with major trends in renewable energies like solar, wind and biofuels, outlines renewable energy initiatives in the Gulf and asks which scenarios could unfold for the GCC countries. Renewable energies are about to capture a significant portion of the global energy mix. This portion is likely to grow given rising energy demand, supply worries with regard to fossil fuels and environmental concerns. Especially solar energy in the form of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and thin film PV cells integrated in buildings offer huge potential for the GCC countries. Rising domestic energy needs for power generation and desalination, favorable conditions for solar energy production and interest in acquiring technological know-how make a perfect argument for renewable energy in the Gulf. Renewable energies can stretch the lifeline of the GCC's oil and gas exports, and in some decades from now, they even have the potential to develop into a major pillar of the economy. A necessary precondition for this would be a wholehearted embrace of the renewable energy trend by the GCC countries and their development into technological leaders in the field. They should regard renewables not as unwanted competition to their oil and gas production, but rather as a welcome addition to tight global energy markets. Full review