Who murders the children of Iraq?

Posted in Broader Middle East | 03-Aug-05 | Author: Haytham Mouzahem

Haytham Mouzahem is one of our experts for the "Broader Middle East"

Islamic history reports that the Prophet Muhammed told early his prominent companion Ammar Bin Yasser that he would be killed by the "oppressive party". Ammar was killed later in "Safeen battle" by the caliphe Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan's army, and when some of Muawiyah followers asked whether their party was "the oppressive party", he answered: "No, he killed him who sent him" to the war, as a direct signal to the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib who appointed Ammar as one of his army leaders.

There is no doubt that Muawiyah was very smart and he knew well how to falsify the truth to keep his rule.

And as history repeats itself, nowadays some leaders of Islamic fundamentalist and Arab nationalist groups and medias imitate Muawiyah' s means to justify the terrorist attacks against children, women and civilians in Iraq, Turkey, London or in the US.

Following the terrorist blast in Iraq that killed 32 Children when the US soldiers were distributing some sweets to the children, an Arab newspaper titled its front page: "The occupation's sweets killed 32 Iraqi children".

A justification for the murder of those children and the other civilians under the slogans of Arabism and Islam and resistance to the US –British occupation of Iraq".

The responsibility of the sweets in this murder was very similar to the responsibility of Imam Ali in the killing of Ammar Bin Yasser, and the real murderer is hidden or not blamed.

Muawayih who is seen by some historians as the founder of the Arab Nationalism and the dictatorship in Islam, inspired the contemporary Arabist, dictators, and terrorists, such as Saddam Hussein and Hafez Asad.

Ironically, the secular Baa'thi party of the dictator Saddam Hussein allied with the terrorist fighters of "Al-qaeda" just to kill Iraqis in schools and hospitals and mosques and roads just because they chose to remove their oppressive regime and accept democracy and reconciliation for Iraq instead of totalitarianism and exclusivity.

Hence, when you find some Arab and Muslim intelligentsia and elite who are defending and justifying the terrorist blasts against Muslims in Iraq, then you shouldn't be surprised when those attacks take place in the Western countries, since some Islamist ideologues have already legitimized those blasts as revenges or reactions to the US- British invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, or the Israeli occupation of Palestine etc.

Unsurprisingly, we have hardly seen any official denouncements of the daily terrorist blasts in Iraq from the Arab governments while most of the weak and hypocrite regimes hurry up to denounce such blasts when they happen in the West. Is the Iraqi blood so cheap and do not the Iraqi children deserve such few words?

Haytham Mouzahem is a Lebanese journalist and analyst who specializes in Islamic and Middle Eastern affairs (hmzahem@yahoo.com).