Chances and risks for democracy and stability in Lebanon

Posted in Broader Middle East | 16-Apr-05 | Author: Dieter Farwick

Young Lebanese demanding freedom and democracy

Worldsecuritynetwork continues to cover the dramatic development in Lebanon with our Correspondent Manuela Paraipan from Beirut, because the development there is decisive for the whole region “Broader Middle East”.

Like in a nut shell we recognize that in Lebanon all decisive factors for crises and conflicts in the region are take effect : ethic and religious tensions, social problems, a huge number of Palestinian refugees, interests and influence of foreign countries – i.e. from Syria via Iran, France and USA., poor democracy and domestic stability, terrorism, corruption, occupation forces and influential foreign secret services etc.

It’s a long time ago that Lebanon was called “ Switzerland of the Middle East”.

But it might be that the memory of a “glory past” will be positive to deal with an uncertain future.

The present situation is very fragile.

The question whether and when there will be elections is still open. The next question is whether those elections can be free and fair.

Another question whether Syria will really withdraw their military forces and secret services in due course.

Manuela Paraipan took again the opportunity to interview five political experts and players.

These exclusive WSN interviews give the chance to learn more about the different positions of individuals and parties in Lebanon.

Manuela’s interview partners are :

  • Youssef Dib, Head of the Studies and Documentations Department of the Lebanese Parliament

  • Sheikh Samy Gemayel, son of the former President and political player

  • Fares Boueiz, Member of Lebanese Parliament and former Foreign Minister

  • Dr. Habib Malek, Professor at the Lebanese American University

  • Ali Hamdan, Head of the Foreign Affairs Bureau, Amal Party

For Worldsecuritynetwork the recommendations for the West , ie. the USA and Europe, are crystal clear:

  • We have a unique chance to achieve major progress in this volatile region. Afghanistan, Iraq; Israel/Palestine and Lebanon/Syria are hot spots. The success with one crisis and conflict will help the others. Regarding our own interests in this area we are not allow to fail.

  • Therefore, WSN strongly advocates to make Lebanon a success story. Democracy and stability will benefit.

  • The West has to support moderates on all sides to come together and find a viable and reliable compromise.

  • We should not try to impose any system but to encourage indigenous individuals and parties to master the common future.