Hunt on for 'mastermind' behind attacks on Musharraf

Posted in Broader Middle East | 31-May-04 | Author: Munawer Azeem| Source: (Pakistan)

ISLAMABAD, May 30: A joint team of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Special Services Group (SSG) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have zeroed in on Bannu region towards the Pak-Afghan border in their hunt for the 'mastermind' behind two life attempts on President Pervez Musharraf , according to official sources.

Acting on a tip about the possible hiding place of the man, the joint team left here on Saturday night for the region. The FBI is helping the Pakistani agencies in the hunt for the accused, identified as Amjad Farooqi, 30, who is said to have masterminded the two attacks on the president, on December 14 and 25 last year.

Mr Farooqi, the sources said, has links with local militants and Al Qaeda. Only one suspect had so far been arrested by agencies in connection with the two attacks, the sources added, but declined to disclose the name of the suspect for security reasons.

Special pickets have been posted in different parts of the country, one in Sector F-10, Islamabad, to track down elements suspected to be involved in various terrorist incidents.