Dutch ISAF Apache track insurgents in Afghanistan

Posted in Broader Middle East , NATO , Terrorism | 06-Dec-07 | Source: NATO

The following short video clips demonstrate how insurgent extremists in Afghanistan deliberately blend with the civilian population by adopting civilian clothing and mixing with children. These clips underscore the operational challenges for the Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF.

Dressed in a burqa

Insurgents identified by ISAF dress in Burqas and mingle with children to avoid detection.


Child at the doorstep

Dutch Apaches track insurgents following an engagement with ISAF forces. A number of armed men enter a building, reportedly to coordinate a fresh attack.

This clip shows how a suspect enters a house after placing a child at the doorstep, likely as a human shield.


Children at the doorstep

(Continuation of clip titled 'Child at the doorstep')

Multiple suspects convene in a house. Here too children are placed at the dwelling’s entrance. The children wait outside until the suspects have left the building.


Weapons found

Two Apache helicopters each follow a group of people as requested by ISAF ground troops. This clip shows how the two groups come together. In the twenty-seventh (27) second of this clip, one of the suspects lifts his arm, uncovering his weapon to the Apache crew.

During this clip, the communication between the two Apache commanders is audible.
These images show the challenge of tracking armed insurgents who deliberately attempt to blend in with the civilian population.


(Clips: courtesy Dutch MOD)