The Iran-Syria Alliance: The Economic Dimension

Posted in Broader Middle East , Iran | 08-Jul-08 | Author: Nimrod Raphaeli and Bianca Ger| Source: MERIA Journal

An examination of Syrian-Iranian economic relations reveals that, beyond their propaganda value, these relations are of small benefit to Syria and of negligible benefit to Iran. The alliance between the two countries is driven first and foremost by political and strategic interests rather than by economic considerations. As neither Iran nor Syria is considered a reliable source of data, it is difficult to draw a clear picture on the nature and depth of these economic relations. Often distorted anecdotal figures create a misleading reality in order to serve political objectives. At times it seems the two countries are engaged in mutual deception to create a myth of economic collaboration that exists on paper only. To the extent there is depth to the relationship, it is political and strategic but not economic.