Murat Erdoğan

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Associate Professor and Director of the Hacettepe University Migration and Politics Research Centre, Vize Director of the European Union Research Center in Ankara (Turkey). Advisor to the Rector of Hacettepe University. M.A. degree from Ankara University. Mr. Erdoğan received his PhD degree from Ankara and Bonn University in political science with the dissertation "Turkey-EU Relationship after the Cold War: 1990-2005". He was scholar of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (1994-1998) and Junior Fellow at the Center for European Integration at University of Bonn in Germany from 1998-2000. He worked for the Press Department of the Turkish Embassy in Berlin (2001-2003). His fields of interest are EU-Turkey Relationship, Turkish Migrants in Europe, EU, Islam-Phobia, and political cartoon. He has published four books including "Turks Abroad: Migration and Integration in its 50th Year" (Edit.) and "50 Years 50 Cartoons: Turks in the German Cartoons".

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