Axel Kukuk

Axel Kukuk was born in 1981 in Neubrandenburg, former East Germany. He is an army officer in the rank of a lieutenant and is currently studying Political Science with a main focus of Security Studies and European Union at the Helmut Schmidt University – University of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg. After he graduated from secondary school he joined the military service in the year of 2000. Through his outstanding achievements in military services, he was awarded with several exchange programs, which led him among others to Great Britain, where he was promoted to become an officer in Portsmouth. The latest exchange program took him to the Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where he is currently broadening his academic view on the Southeast Asian region. Axel was especially trained by the Bundeswehr in public relations work. He visited the international press-information officer course in late 2004 and earlier the youth-information officer course. As the chief-editor of the student magazine of his university in Germany he has published several magazine articles. He is also engaged in the student union and in the academic senate. Despite his studies he is engaged in local politics. He did several internships among others in the European Parliament and is now working as assistant lecturer for the Member of the German Parliament Jürgen Klimke (CDU).

Articles by Axel Kukuk