EU-Russia relations: Resolution on freedom of press in Russia adopted. Tunne Kelam MEP

Posted in Russia | 25-Oct-06

Tunne Kelam, Member of the European Parliament and Freedom Hero of Estonia.

EPP-EDU Press Release

A resolution on EU-Russia relations after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya was adopted by an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament today.

The resolution initiated by the EPP-ED Group members calls on the Commission and the EU Member States to take a strong stand in insisting on the restoration of the freedom of the press and the respect for independent journalism.

The initiator of this resolution, Estonian MEP Tunne Kelam said that assassinations of political opponents have become almost routine in Russia.

"Russia has become one of the deadliest countries for journalists after Iran and Afghanistan," said Kelam.

The European Parliament reminds that the continuation of this tendency will deal a heavy blow to Russia's reputation as the Council of Europe presidency state. "Freedom of speech and human rights needs to be one of the main prerequisites for renewing the EU-Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement in 2007", concluded Mr Kelam.