Russia – a liberal’s view

Posted in Russia | 28-Dec-07 | Author: Maria Botchkova

Maria Botchkova: "Why are the opposition parties not able to unite ?"

In today’s Russia it is quite difficult to find a person who is courageous enough to raise a critical voice.

Mrs. Marietta Chudakova is one of them.

Our “WSN Editor Russia Maria Botchkova” had the rare opportunity of an exclusive interview with her.

Being a historian of Russian literature and the chairwoman of the Bulgakov Foundation, Professor Mariette is a public figure in Russia and a prominent representative of the “Creative intelligentsia”and a member of the European Academy. She is also a novelist writing especially for young people.

Mrs. Chudakova was a member of then President Boris Yeltsin’s Council and of the Commission on Mercy under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation. In December 2007 she took part in the elections as a third candidate heading the federal list of the Political Party «Union of Right Forces».