Kosovo - “Russia cannot stay indifferent”

Posted in Russia | 24-Mar-04 | Author: Dmitry Udalov

The reaction of Russia to the situation on the Balkans is quick, productive and is aimed at peaceful solution of the problem. Just after the escalation of the conflict President Putin sent Minister for Civil Defense and Emergencies Sergei Shoigu to the region to find the real possibility of launching humanitarian aid

“Russia cannot stay indifferent to the permanent pressure on Serbs and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo”, Minister for Civil Defense and Emergencies Sergei Shoigu said after a Tuesday meeting with head of the governmental coordinating center for Kosovo and Metohia Neboisa Covic.

Shoigu is visiting Serbia and Montenegro by the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He told the press about the Russian program of humanitarian aid to Kosovo Serbs, which would be launched on Wednesday, March 24.

The world ought to become quite neutral-unlike it was till quite recently-to ethnic Albanians and Serbs alike after another tornado of anti-Serb violence in Kosovo, calls Sergei Shoigu,.
He made his emphatic appeal while in conference with Nebojsa Covic, head of Serbia's government committee for Kosovo. Russia is keeping abreast with Kosovo developments, and willing to offer all necessary aid to Serb refugees, reassured Mr. Shoigu as they met in Belgrade today.
There is no way to deny a recent anti-Serb ethnic purge in Kosovo, said the conferees, according to Kosovo committee coverage of the talks

“The international community should be absolutely neutral to Albanians and Serbs,’” Covic said. “It has not been this way though,” he said.

The State Russian Duma is also concerned about the situation. Two State Duma deputies of the United Russia party went to the conflict area on Monday to make a report in the situation in the region. The report is, first of all, to attract attention of foreign parliamentarians to the Kosovo problem.