Oman gets first ranking for peace and stability

Posted in Peace and Conflict , Broader Middle East | 30-Jul-08 | Source: Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates)

Oman has been ranked first in peace and stability in Middle East and North Africa for the second consecutive year in the 2008 Global Peace Index report published by Australia-based ‘Vision of Humanity Organisation’.

The report cited the Sultanate’s as the ‘most secure and peace-loving’ nation in the region. At the global level, it took the 25th rank among 140 countries.

“As such, the Sultanate is becoming the most secured tourist destinations in the region, the report noted.

The index uses 24 criteria related to external and internal peace procedures, including respect of human rights, participation in UN peacekeeping deployments and violent crime level.

The ranking varies from ‘most peaceful’ to ‘least peaceful’ using these measures and the list is prepared in collaboration with global peace research centres.