Hans-Gert Poettering condemns execution of three Christians in Indonesia

Posted in Other | 25-Sep-06

Hans-Gert Poettering

Hans-Gert Poettering, Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, today described the execution of three Christians in Indonesia as a disgrace for that country.

It is deeply disappointing that the execution was carried out despite international protests from, among others, the European Union and the Pope. "The death penalty is an inhuman punishment, which we demand the abolishment of everywhere in the world," Poettering said, speaking on behalf of the EPP-ED Group.

Furthermore the legal process against the three Christians, who were convicted following violent unrest in 2000, was far from fair and did not meet international standards. Witnesses, who could have proven the innocence of the accused, were not heard. It is also quite obvious the three Christians were randomly arrested among the rioters, while Muslim ringleaders were not charged.

The EPP-ED Group considers and promotes tolerance and mutual respect as fundamental democratic principles and regards dialogue between religions as a prerequisite for peace, not only within the European Union but all over the world.

In a letter addressed to the Indonesian President, dated 18 September, Hans-Gert Poettering protested against the planned execution of the three Christians.