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MLA Institute Sarajevo
MLA Institute Sarajevo
Senior level leadership conferences for politics, government and business in BiH and South East Europe (SEE)

Supporting the build up of a strategic community in SEE facilitating transatlantic dialogue and networking

Background and Purpose

South East European countries (SEE) like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Serbia Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania are preparing their political systems, government institutions and business related areas for the future integration into European and Transatlantic structures. Many of those countries lack a „strategic community“ of influential politicians, security policy experts, civil servants, and businessmen, who are discussing issues of high political importance and offer in their debates strategic direction for their countries. This lack of expertise is also hampering integration efforts towards the European Union and economic progress in these countries as well.

The countries in SEE are in front of the door of the European Union. To develope their political systems, to improve the economic situation and to recognize the whole area from a business point of view as a potential market, should be in the interest of western politics and business. Accordingly, training and education of senior level decision makers in politics, government and business in modern and democratic orientated leadership, efficient management and good communication skills should be a high priority.

The Multilateral Academy Sarajevo (MLA) has developed a concept which is dedicated to such strategic community building. Ongoing MLA activities are supported by senior international stakeholders, like Dr. Christian Schwarz – Schilling (rtd Minister FRG), Dr. Sonja Stiegelbauer – Starrach (rtd Minister Austria), General Naumann (former Chairman NATO Military Committee and CDS Germany) and Professor Dr. Michael Stuermer (former Head Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Germany), as well as multinational businesses, like Daimler Chrysler, EADS and others.

NATO has selected MLA as a partner for modern and integrated training of public opinion makers in SEE and will support again the „MLA Summer School 2005“ in Neum/BiH as well. Background information about MLA management, MLA activity spectrum, and partner organisations are at Annex 1.

Bernd Papenkort, Director Multilateral Academy and "WSN Editor Southeast Europe"
Bernd Papenkort, Director Multilateral Academy and "WSN Editor Southeast Europe"
Conceptual Approach for the Leadership Conferences SEE

The Leadership Conferences could be conducted once a year in rotation in CRO, BiH and SCG. MLA will provide with excellent lecturers insights into global and regional developments in related fields of politics, government and business and moderate in a regional orientated setting a dialogue on related consequences, roles and potentials for SEE.

By this approach participants, who should be senior level public opinion makers of BiH and South East Europe (SEE), would have a platform for a strategic dialogue in order to discuss future challenges in their respective working environment in politics and business. The conference setting will enable them to engage in networking with international and national key representatives from politics and business as well.

Such a conceptual approach will enable the build up and networking of a strategic community for politics and business in SEE, which is additionally ready to facilitate regional cooperation and reconciliation in SEE countries.

Following topics will be covered in MLA Leadership Conferences:

  • International Politics: Challenges at the beginning of the 21st Century – Possible Answers in Politics, Government and Business

  • The Rules and Ethics of Good Governance for Politics, Government and Business

  • European Integration – the Way of SEE Countries into the EU – the Need for Regional Cooperation

  • The Way Towards Globalization and Related Consequences for Business in SEE

  • SEE Countries – Internal Challenges for Politics, Governments and Business

  • From Ways to Means in the World of Globalization - Modern Public Relations Requirements and New Communication Technologies

  • Modern Ways of Leadership and Management in Government and Business

For all related topics, MLA will engage international and national experts, who are or were „in command in the related areas“ and are able to base their lectures on profound own experiences. Annex 2 „MLA Summer School 2005“ provides one conceptual approach.


The MLA activities are not aiming at academic lecturing. They will enable the participants a modern, interactive platform for information exchange, discussion of important issues, and offer reflexions, ideas and options for strategic decision making in related fields in politics, government and business. MLA Leadership Conferences, as such, will be tailored to the requirements of people who pursue a career in politics, government and business. Participants in those seminars must have appropriate professional or academic competence and should hold senior level positions in related fields.

We will always invite up to 25 participants from political, governmental, business and public life in SEE. This mixture of different professions, various cultural backgrounds and geographical diversity guarantees a high level of synergy and catalyst effects. The alumni network which will be built up over time will enable participants of those MLA seminars to build up a strategic community in SEE.

Recommendation and Funding Request

The MLA concept of „Senior Leadership Training in SEE“ offers international institutions, research institutes, funds and business corporations with its joint and combined methodology of integrating politics, government, and business a new approach to cooperation in the field of long term institution and capacity building for government and business in SEE. MLA Sarajevo is open to explore further cooperation with all interested partners. By this we can provide synergy and match our logo „ Helping to Build the Future “.

In order to move forward with the proposed project „MLA Leadership Conferences in SEE“ for the years 2006 and 2007 following funding is proposed:

* Hotel accommodation per person/day up to 100 Euro/day for 25 SEE participants , 10 external lecturers and 5 MLA Staff , total up to 16.000 Euro
* Conference package including linguistic support 8000 Euro
* 10 external, international lecturers(fee 500 Euro, travel 1500 Euro) 20.000 Euro
* MLA Overhead 6.000 Euro
TOTAL approx. 50.000 Euro/ Year