The New German Foreign and Security Policy:More than a Change in Style

Posted in Other | 21-Dec-06 | Author: Karl-Heinz Kamp and Carlo Masa| Source: Konrad Adenauer Foundation

It was a picture full of symbolism with which the governing coalition of conservatives (CDU) and social democrats (SPD) began their cooperation after the Bundestag election in November, 2005: the designated chancellor Angela Merkel and the chairman of the social democrats Matthias Platzeck clinked glasses of mineral water in hopes of a successful Grand Coalition for the coming four years. The signal was unmistakable: the two representatives of the new generation of politicians from eastern Germany were preparing the national citizenry for a new political practice of frugality and restraint. Away from the custom-made suits of ex-chancellor Schroeder and the media productions of the former foreign minister Fischer, and towards the tedious and austere steps on the path to reform of the state and politics.