Manfred-Wörner-Seminar 2004 - Call for Applications

Posted in NATO | 22-Jan-04

The 2004 Manfred Wörner Seminar will take place May 7 - 17, 2004.

Deadline - January 31, 2004: For American candidates interested in participating in the 2004 program, the deadline is January 31, 2004. All applications, whether sent by U.S. Mail or special overnight delivery service, must be postmarked by that date or they will not be accepted.

German candidates should contact:

Lt. Col. Rainer Brockmann
German Armed Forces Office
Tel: +49 224-115-2956
Email: [email protected]

Eligibility: Participants should be between 25 and 35 years of age at the time of travel and have an outstanding record of achievement in their profession. We seek candidates in politics, government (both national and local), the media, business, and the nonprofit sector (think tanks and NGOs). Because the Seminar is designed primarily with the interests in mind of those who have not yet traveled to Europe or who have traveled very little in Europe, candidates who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in a European university, or who have worked for a period longer than six months in Europe, may not be appropriate for the program. The Fellowship is intended to expand the community of Americans interested in and knowledgeable about Europe rather than to repeat a travel experience for someone who has already traveled extensively in Europe.

Formal Application Requirements: Complete applications must include:
  • Current résumé, with full contact information. Please include your e-mail address.
  • Cover letter indicating (a) how the candidate learned of the Seminar, (b) how the candidate would contribute to and benefit from the program, (c) the candidate's date of birth, and (d) the candidate's valid U.S. passport number, which may be civilian issue or diplomatic issue.
  • A pair of passport photos (color or black & white).
Formal letters of recommendation are not required, but are welcome. Only complete applications will be considered.

The Selection Process: Soon after the application deadline, the Defense Attaché's staff at the German Embassy and the American Seminar Director from the German Marshall Fund will select the American participants. Immediately thereafter, the American Seminar Director will notify all candidates of the Embassy's decision regarding who is invited to participate on the upcoming program. At that time candidates will have the opportunity to either accept or decline the invitation. In addition to the 15 candidates invited to participate in the seminar, the Embassy will select 4 to 5 alternates. In the event that someone withdraws from the American delegation after accepting their invitation, the American Seminar Director will contact the alternates to offer them any opening(s) on the program.

For Application Instructions: Please see: