Allied Action 04

Posted in NATO | 05-Jun-04 | Source: NATO

For the first time, NATO is testing the activation of a deployed joint task force (DJTF) headquarters to train for NATO Response Force operations during an exercise that started on 25 May and will end on 8 June.

Allied Action 04 is a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) Command Post exercise designed to certify the Joint Force Command Naples Headquarters and its component commands to assume the responsibility of the next rotation of the NATO Response Force (NRF) and to validate its CJTF capability.

In effect, Allied Action 04 is an opportunity for participants to practise the activation and deployment of the NATO Response Force to prepare for the conduct of a follow-on CJTF operation.

A DJTF headquarters is being deployed at Persano and a NATO Response Force (NRF) headquarters at Civitavecchia in Italy. The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps of Solbiate Olona, Italy, is providing the NRF headquarters and is the designated Land Component Command for the next rotation of the NATO Response Force.

Over 2 600 personnel from 23 NATO member countries and 12 Partner countries are participating in the exercise, which will allow them to practise the procedures for planning and mounting an operation based on the NRF and the CJTF concepts. More specifically, they will practise the rapid deployment of a deployable joint task force HQ and the procedures for establishing a land-based CJTF headquarters in a theatre to conduct a NATO-led crisis response operation beyond NATO's traditional area of responsibility.

The commands involved in the exercise are Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation (including the Joint Warfare Centre and the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre), Allied Forces South, AIRSOUTH, AFSOUTH, NAVSOUTH, the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, Italy, the UK Maritime Forces, Allied Forces North and Joint Headquarters West.