Japan Adapts to Changing Economic and Social Fundamentals

Posted in Japan | 18-Nov-06

New York, New York - November 16, 2006 - The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) released a newsletter today highlighting changing economic and social fundamentals in Japan. It can be viewed at:


A summary is presented below:

• Japan Adapts to Changing Economic and Social Fundamentals Japan today is a very different nation than it was even five years ago. It has evolved substantially over recent decades. After successfully implementing a comprehensive reform initiative to address the excesses that emerged during its transformation into a manufacturing-oriented export powerhouse during the 1960-80s, Japan now is ...

• Japan is Moving Past the Economic Excesses of the Bubble Years For much of the postwar period, Japan's government played a significant role in improving economic activity. Resources were channeled to high priority sectors, and policies were pursued that favored savings and investment over consumption. Japanese firms were able to nurture their...

• Japan is Moving to Adapt to, and Profit from, Changing Demographics Between January and June, Japan registered 550,000 births, 11,600 more than the previous year. In addition, the health ministry reported an increase in the number of marriages in the first half of the year up 10,936 from the same period in 2005. While researchers such as Ryuichi Kaneko, of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, urged caution...
• Japan is Adapting to the Needs of a Changing World Economy To remain competitive in a globalizing world, it is not sufficient for Japanese firms to rely solely upon cost containment and rationalization of their business operations. They must also innovate, invest and maintain their commitment to higher value-added products and activities. This includes a continual emphasis on raising...

• Japan is Moving to Adapt to a Changing Political and Security Environment As highlighted in the last Focus Newsletter, Japan is now moving to strengthen its foreign policy and relationships in response to changing dynamics in the region and the world at large. Japanese policies specifically entail developing a closer relationship with the United States and the vigorous pursuit of...

• Changes are Producing Many Attractive Opportunities for Corporate and Portfolio Investors This Focus Newsletter has detailed many of the challenges that Japan faces. It has also shown how Japanese companies and the government are attempting to meet them. Legal, institutional, regulatory, demographic, and financial developments in Japan are creating new opportunities for companies that demonstrate...

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