The Art Road To Peace - Art Education Program at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 05-Aug-03

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is Israel’s foremost Fine Arts Museum and one of its most exciting cultural centers. Education is one of the Museum’s top priorities, and we maintain that there is a common language of art, which can serve to bind rich multiplicity of cultures in the Mediterranean area. Recently, the Education Department of the Museum initiated a new and unique project – The Art Road To Peace that will connect between Jews and Arabs in the peaceful environment of the Museum.

Art is the language through which we can build a road to peace, towards the vision of a more beautiful future - towards greater understanding, compassion and a better quality of life for all the people of the region.

Traveling The Art Road to Peace, every child and every adult will learn to communicate one with the other – across peaceful bridges spanning geographical and ideological boundaries. Along the way, they will develop skills and nurture creative spiritual bonds between different cultural values and ideas. Communication, connection, creation – these are the cornerstones of art and of peace.

Beginning September 2003 the Education Department with the kind assistance of the German Friends of the Museum, will launch an innovative program in which two main groups will take part, each including 12 couples (an Arab tutor with an Arab pupil & a Jewish tutor with a Jewish pupil), a total of 24 participants per group. During the program participants will be exposed to a wide range of domains including:

  1. Portrait Painting
  2. Sculpture – From Two-dimension to Three-Dimension
  3. Photography – Perpetuating Special Moments through the Camera
  4. Print Workshop

This program reflects our firmly held belief that the world of art can inspire new approaches and help in transforming attitudes fixed in old patterns of mutual mistrust and prejudice. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art attempts to offer new lines of communication by providing Jewish and Arab children and adults a glimpse of a world in which the strongest means of expressions are: a stroke of brush, shimmering colors, interesting fabrics, and not less important – innovative ways of looking at the world.

We trust that The Art Road To Peace will provide fertile soil for the creation of productive and enduring relationships between children and adults and, perhaps even more important between Arabs and Jews.