"One million voices" for peace

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 20-Aug-07 | Author: Daniel Lubetzky| Source: PeaceWorks Foundation - OneVoice

On October 18, 2007, the Israeli and Palestinian peoples will say “enough!” – enough stalemated negotiations, enough violence and chaos, enough setbacks and excuses.

Through unprecedented, massive parallel summits in Tel Aviv and Jericho, satellite-linked to locations worldwide, and supportive events in London, Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, the moderate majority will take a stand.

At the OneVoice Summit, www.OneMillionVoices.org, the people will announce themselves as powerful actors ready to play their role by demanding that their Heads of State heed the will of the majorities and immediately initiate uninterrupted negotiations toward a two-state solution.

Save the date & pledge to be there with us. Join us – and scores of foremost dignitaries, celebrities, luminaries and musicians - in making history on October 18th, with all our might.

Your participation and support are essential not just to forge a first-time shared historical narrative, but also a turning point that marks the day the people seized back the agenda and propelled their political leaders to deliver an agreement once and for all.

Silence, apathy, and inaction are a proxy for others to speak for you. Militants speak loudly with their acts of terror and dehumanization. The Gaza debacle must be a warning for all of us. But together, joining as OneVoice, not only can we prevent and even reverse the spread of violent extremism; we can ultimately channel the frustrations of millions of moderates into a powerful popular summit that will extend a mantle of legitimacy for a historic resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

For more information and to sign up, visit www.OneMillionVoices.org.

Daniel Lubetzky & the OneVoice Team


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