Abbas Approves Grants to Suicide Terrorist Families

Posted in Israel / Palestine | 17-Dec-05 | Author: Itamar Marcus and Barbara Croo| Source: Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian Authority yesterday revealed a new law that allocates money to family members of shahids, or 'martyrs.' A shahid is the highest honor attainable to a Muslim, and signifies a death for Allah. The Palestinian Authority regularly labels suicide terrorists as 'shahids.'

Following the translation of the article is a list of some terrorist shahids honored by the Palestinian Authority. Under the new law, the families of these terrorists will receive monthly payments.

The president has authorized the implementation of the financial
clause of the Care of the Families of Shahids draft law

"...The fifth clause of the draft law includes granting a monthly allowance to the family of every shahid, taken from the general budget of the [Palestinian] National Authority… The sum of the allowance is estimated to be $250, but if the shahid was married [at the time of death], another $50 are to be added to the sum mentioned above, and if the shahid had children, [an additional sum of] $15 will be allocated to each of them. In addition, if the shahid had a [living] father or mother, a sum of $25 will be allocated to each of them. If the shahid had brothers, whom he had been taking care of, each of them will be allocated [a sum of] $15... The transfer of the allowances to the families of the shahids is expected to be carried out by the Institute for the Care of the Families of Shahids, through special [bank] accounts [opened] for the eligible people... [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, December 5, 2005]

From PMW Archives

Suicide terrorists are called shahids by the Palestinian Authority and, under the new law, their families will be receiving Palestinian Authority monthly payments.

In August this year, Palestinian Media Watch revealed that the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Culture released, as its official 'Book of the Month,' a collection of poems named in honor of Hanadi Jaradat, a terrorist 'shahida' who murdered 21 people in Haifa's Maxim restaurant in October 2003.

Likewise, on July 25 this year, the Palestinian Authority's official paper labelled as shahids two terrorists who were killed after murdering an Israeli civilian couple two days previously.

Two weeks before that, Palestinian Media Watch noted that a course for women, sponsored by the Palestinian Authority's ruling party Fatah, had been named in honor of the first woman suicide bomber, the 'Shahida' Wafa Idris. This followed an established pattern of many years in which Idris has been honored by the Palestinian Authority - including in a "course in democracy and human rights." Details can be seen here.

In July 2003, the Palestinian Authority organised a football (soccer) tournament named in honor of the suicide bomber 'shahid' that murdered 29 people on Passover Eve in Netanya's Park Hotel.

Under the new law, the families of these murderers will receive money from the Palestinian Authority.