Where is the "smoking gun" ?

Posted in Iraq , Asia | 05-Sep-03 | Author: Dieter Farwick

BrigGen(ret.) Dieter Farwick
Most intelligence agencies of the world are still convinced that over years Iraq had developed chemical and biological weapons. In addition, they are sure that there was a nuclear weapons’programme.
Saddam had all the ingredients for an ambitious weapons programme:
Political resolve, money, time, people and support from various foreign countries – with the former Soviet Union at the top.
How far the programme had actually advanced is the subject of an ongoing debate.
It was one objective of the 2003 Gulf-war to destroy Iraq’s capability to launch any weapon of mass destruction. That objective has been achieved.
But the Western public still ask for the legitimacy of the war. They ask for a “smoking gun”, which is still missing.
Why ?
There are various schools of thoughts.
Now, General Ion Pacepa, former “spy chief” of Romania, presents one plausible explanation for the difficulties of the war coalition to present clear evidence.
The former Soviet Union and its proxies, who developed programmes of mass destruction, had obviously prepared and orchestrated a deception plan and “exit strategy”.
It should not be forgotten, that deception is a Islamic virtue – called taquiya.